K.O Releases New Music!

Every Friday new music drops in South Africa. Our celeb artists always give us something to go crazy about.

Today Mr Cashtime, stage name known as KO, has released a new single titled Supa Dupa and it has fans and fellow artists going crazy about it. Some are encouraging others to listen to it saying that KO is back in the game and others have been tweeting verses from the song.

@casspernyovest tweeted, “#SupaDupa clean when I pull up!!!! When I pull uuuup!!!!!”

“ ‘Wishing you success even though you wishing me the opposite, bekumnandi kicking me when I was down had to focus on the winning keep it positive (shap)’ #SupaDupa thank you brother @MrCashtime,” tweeted @DJVigilanteSA

@Rochelle_Meyer1 tweeted, “Plug Yourselves And Give This Bop A Chance…@MrCashtime Coming All The Way Thruuuuu With This One!!!”

It seems like KO has risen again like a Phoenix in the music industry.