Illicit cigarettes and dagga confiscated

EASTERN CAPE – On 30 May 2020 at about 15:00, while jointly patrolling, the members found the following items which were suspected to have been dropped by the person who intended to illegally cross the border from Lesotho to South Africa with the items but got ‘cold feet’ when he saw the roadblock. The items confiscated were found at Telle River near Qobosheane village:
• 5 x Sun Brand cartons of cigarettes;
• 37 x 20s Pine Blue cigarettes;
• 70 x 12,5gr Boxer tobacco;
• 50 x 25 gr Boxer tobacco;
• 10 x 750ml Black Label beer;
• 2 x 750ml Castle Lager beer;
The total value of all the items is R7 540.00.
On 30 May 2020 at about 19:00, while conducting daily operations, the members stopped and searched a Toyota Corolla and its three (3) occupants. Upon searching the vehicle, four (4) bags of dagga weighing 26kg valued at R39 000.00 were discovered in the boot. The suspects were arrested and the vehicle was confiscated. The suspects’ ages are between 20 and 45.