Idols South Africa Season 15 Going for Gold!

Gold authenticity can only be tested under maximum fire,” these are words by Moustasem Al-Gharati. As Idols SA Season 15 starts, it is that time of the year again where young people will get a chance to change their lives as they get groomed to become gold. The 2019 theme is, “Going For Gold.” 

Executive Producer and Director of SIC entertainment Gavin Wratten, said, “Idols is all about pursuing and reaching your dreams, so going for gold is another way of saying take that first step and go for it.”

Even if you do not get the Idols golden and ultimate prize, there is evidence that you will still turn out to be gold.  It was through the very platform that South Africa got to be soothed by the voices of Shekinah, Thami Shobede, Mmatema Moremi and Amanda Black, who didn’t get to win the ultimate prize on Idols SA but got to become superstars.

Also, it is the likes of Musa Sukwene, Khaya Mthethwa, and Paxton Fielies and Karabo Mogane that SA voted to be the winners in the respective seasons. Their resistance and ability to absorb pressure, and most importantly, their talents won the hearts of many South Africans who voted for them. 

The show in South Africa has exposed the viewers to the good, the bad and the ugly to show the authenticity and the full process that the singers go through. Therefore, many South Africans will be glued to their screens and anticipating the wooden mic shows. These shows are proof that to get to the gold, we have to get rid of the not so good substances.

“The one thing we always try to do on SA Idols is to “keep it real” which means the judges make their own choices (which sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out), the contestants fail or succeed on their own, and we try tell the story as best we can,” explains Wratten. 

Furthermore, Wratten emphasizes the importance of authenticity of the show, “I believe this is what keeps the show relevant and authentic. People often ask why we show the bad singers, but if we were only to show the good singers that would not be real. If a few thousand people arrive for auditions some will be great ,some will be average, and some will be terrible, we need to tell the whole story.”

Such great stories of success are evidence that Idols SA is a life changing experience that takes any kid from varying backgrounds to have a fortune. Literally. As they say, fortune favours the brave, and to brave the cold, travel long distances to just earn a spot on the show is a clear sign that the talents we have as a country is limitless.

For this year, the contestants are going to entertain us from Theatre Week at a brand new venue.

“The audition tour this season is next level, contestants have raised their game and provided us with some of the most bazaar and crazy auditions ever, so we did not have to change much, to get the most amazing content,” added Wratten.

AS Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “there is gold everywhere, most people are not trained to see it.” However, Idols SA discovers all the talents across social and economic classes in South Africa.