I love this guy too much!

I’m a 22 year old girl dating a 24 year old guy when I met this guy he dd tell that he has a gelfrend but its a longdistance relationship because of work so since last year september I’ve bin dating this guy and yeahh his wth me always since the girl is far so a lot of things he daz to me nd treats me like dat ada1 does not exit nd like he daz really confusin things which mke me think that he wants me for example we dnt condomise so I myt fall pregnant nd it sims like dats wat he wants.he has medical cards but he put me on it .so like sam ada tym he send me a message like “If I make a bad choice sumwher in lyf n return back t u after sum years,wil u stil lv me or even take me back”so plz. Guys ur ideas would do me better. I love this guy too much .that I cnt evn think straight! Please help!