I don’t know whether should I continue with him or leave him.

I met my boyfriend early in 2011,he was going through a divorce, but when I met him he was already in the final stage of divorce ,(I am not the reason he divorced I don’t know the reason why they divorced )We dated for 3 weeks and his was arrested and I bailed him out, and we started to spend time together ,After 2 months I fell pregnant ,though the baby wasn’t planned ,but I decided to keep my baby and I love her so very much ,she is now 1 and 6 months.

My problem always when his children come to visits he doesn’t want me near them, he will come up with some stories even when he goes out with them. I tried to speak to him about this problem ,and I love his children and he must stop what he is doing ,as I also have an older girl and I wished that his kids and my kid and our kid can grow up together knowing each other.

My second worry is in our culture we believe that when the baby is born after 3 months the father and his mother and uncles must come to my place to see the baby, but his mother told me that they will come, she is busy at work,as she is working in the restaurant she told me when the baby was 3 months now my baby is 1 ½ yrs ,

The sad part was diagnosed with the clinical depression early this year, .I love him ,Please assist me I don’t whether should I continue with him or leave him my email is ladys@gmail.co.za