Husband is chatting with other woman and sending nude pics

My husband and I have been married for almost a year and together for nearly seven. Things started out great but then I started noticing little things he would do that made me think. Like only being on his cell phone at night while I’m asleep or turning his phone off completely when he went to sleep. And even though I know its wrong I needed to know what was going on. So I snooped. And I have found he has been chatting with many other women over some time now. So I dug deeper, I’m a computer nerd so I hacked into his e-mail and his Facebook account. And it got worse, it went from simple chatting to sending nude pictures and receiving nude pictures from younger women. When I confronted him about one of the times I bluntly caught him he told me his Facebook was hacked and it wasn’t him, because he was out of state working. Which I knew was a lie. He has been getting worse and I have recently found he is signed up for at least five chatting/dating sites. It truly makes me feel like I am unwanted in this relationship let alone in this marriage. I’m not ugly I think but I feel he is getting bored with me and that’s why he is doing all of this. I don’t know where to start or even how to talk to him about it without it truly ruining our marriage. Because I do not believe in divorce at all. Also we have been trying for a baby while all this has been going on. It is me? Am I the problem? How do I begin to fix this?