How to Write a Good Essay from Scratch Easily and Quickly!

Writing a good essay might seem to be an uneasy task, especially if you don’t have strong writing skills. Today many people have some difficulties with expressing themselves properly. So this article is going to help you make this task much easier! Pay attention to everything written in this article – and you will compose a good essay no matter what. Whether you’re writing an essay about fire, relationships, history, politics, etc., they all have the same structure. After reading this essay, you will be able to compose essays easily thanks to using the outlined tips. 

Writing Your Perfect Essay in a Couple of Easy and Simple Steps!

The following step-by-step guide will give you an understanding of how an essay is composed, what you should write in it and what to do once you’ve finished your first draft of an essay. Just read them attentively and follow each one of them – and your essay will be magnificent.

Choose A Good Topic

Whether you were assigned a topic or you have the freedom of choice, you need to decide if you’re going to generally explore some topic or narrow your focus. And of course, before you start doing anything, make sure that you understand the topic and what is expected to be done by you.

If you’ve been granted the freedom of choice, then this makes your task easier, since you could select something you know a lot about and write about it. Take this advice: write about something you’re interested in. This will not only make your job more interesting, but it will also make it easier for you. For example, think about your life, what interests you the most as well as how to put it into an essay.

Plan Your Essay

A plan will help you to stay focused on your essay as well as make your job easier. Here is the simplest way how to compose your essay:

  • The Introduction

Make it interesting from the first sentence. It must capture people’s attention and make them interested to go on reading. Also, here you should generally describe the idea of your essay. It would be good to begin your essay with a provocative question or quote that fits your essay properly.

It may seem to be hard to find something eye-catching, but it’s worth your time. If you manage to capture the reader’s attention – then he or she will most likely read the whole article and have a positive impression of it.

  • The Body

This is the biggest part of your text. Explain everything, write down all your statements and arguments that support them. Also, describe your view of the problem and your personal opinion of everything connected with it.

  • The Conclusion

Here you sum up all of your arguments and describe the conclusions you have come to. Express your personal opinion as well.

Getting Feedback

In order to find out how people will react to your essay, just give it to them to read. They will not only tell what your essay lacks, but they may also give you some good suggestions on how to improve your essay significantly.

This will be very helpful to improve your essay overall and more importantly – you’ll see people’s possible reactions to your essay, which is crucially important. Then you fill in all the missing parts and pay attention to all the advice you were given by your critics.

Finishing Touches

Now all you need to make your article really great is proper editing. Of course, you could do it on your own, but giving your draft to a professional editor is much more efficient. He or she will definitely correct all the remaining errors and all other sorts of typos shall there be any.

Not to mention that an editor will make your essay great, which may be crucial to keep the reader’s attention. And this also helps to make the reader like your essay. And if he or she likes your essay, then your essay must be good.


We hope that this article was useful to you. Remember – no one can become the best essayist after reading a single article, but it will definitely be their first step on this way. Now you have a general understanding of what an essay must look like and how to write it. We wish you inspiration and all the best of luck!