How to spot a “Toxic” friend According to 20 South African Women

How to spot a “Toxic” friend According to 20 South African Women who took their time to share some of the red flags they have seen

1.Always more interested to listen when you tell them bad news about yourself and least interested when you have great news to share

2.Zikho Ezethu Zatu Never wrong, always wronged by people

3.Always wants to be complimented and tries to dim your light by bashing you

4.They will be friends with your enemies and they will always ask you where did you get the money to buy that they want attention to be on their side when you get the attention they get annoyed

5.Hates that when you walk into a room full of people you’re loved, but will cover it up by “Hi friend, don’t you want to introduce me to your friends over here”

6. They laugh horribly at your mistakes and failures. They never rejoice for a long time to your achievements, they are not happy with what makes you happy. With a slight chance to bring you down, they are on.

7.They take cheap shots at you disguised as jokes. Never there for but reappear in your life when they need something

8. They are low key Competitive and you never see this cause you think its a good thing that your friend wants to have similar things as yours like Bestie Goals

9. Their friends or people they get along with don’t like you. Even if you’re meeting them for the first time, you can just tell that abakuvisisi kakuhle. Clearly something has been said about you that put them off, it can’t be kaloku into yokuba almost bonke abantu abavana naye bangakufuni wena.
Something is shaya’manzi.

10. They always think they are in competition with you.

11.You share your plans naye azithathe azenze ezakhe. Anything you buy, yayifuna naye ade abuze kweyiphi shop funa kanye le uthenge kuyo ne color ifane ke. She will even ask you silly questions, such as ikupha monthly b.f yakho Mali and ukupha Malin.

12.Also a friend who Never listens to your problems with advice…… when you tell them,they ready to tell you theirs no advice

13.He will always compare himself with u in anything you do n if u did something that he can not do he will come up with some negative thoughts of jealous

14.Funny thing is my ex was jealous of me she was always negative abouth my plans,but what puzled me she was so crazy in loved with me

15.U catch them from jokes and l don’t believe in jokes people say things and pretend as if they didn’t mean it

16.Every guy you date is not good. For you or me bitch? Xa ebona uthengela umntana wakho izinto or enxibe something “Buyithenga phi? Umntanam naye unayo le” One Friends ezininzi (Fake leyo) Embarrasses you during the people sogqiba athi ebedlala. Udlala naban ? Ofuna wenze izinto ezithandwa nguye ebomini bakho ke phof

17.They will tell you what to wear”You have curves and big butt so why don’t you wear long dresses they suit you better than jeans

18.You tell things,you hear them from their friends

19. Always badmouthing others

20.They hate seeing you with your other friends