How South Africans Reacted To News Of “12-year-old boy charged with murder after killing his younger brother”

How South Africans React To News Of "12-year-old boy charged with murder after killing his younger brother"

South Africans Reacted To News Of “12-year-old boy charged with murder after killing his younger brother” with some showing sympathy for the boy and others blaming the father for negligence. The incident took place on Saturday 26 October 2019 at about 08h30. The firearm belongs to their 53-year-old father who allegedly left it in the bag in one of the rooms. The suspect managed to access the firearm and somehow shot his younger brother. The mother was allegedly alerted by the gun shot sound and rushed to investigate. She then realized that the worst had happened. The badly injured child was rushed to the local clinic but was certified dead on arrival. The police were then informed about the incident and immediately commenced with investigations.

The father, who is a former security officer, was apparently not at home at the time of the incident and he allegedly left his firearm in the bag that was hung against the wall in his room. The firearm has been seized by the police.

See How South Africans React To News Of “12-year-old boy charged with murder after killing his younger brother”

1. “The father is going to need a very good lawyer…you will be charged with Novus enventualis…you foresaw the possibility of the results but did not reconcile…the reasonable person would have acted differently in that circumstances…you going to jail for a very long time my brother”

2.Arrest the father for negligence,as much as it is an accident,in this I sympathize with the mother and both 2 boys,he knows that ur not supposed to put your gun anywhere RIP little one ??

3.Yes his going to jail (father), what we all forgetting is who’s gonna assume his responsibilities, who’s gonna take care and feed the family this is so sad… for this family things are about to get worse

4. Very sad indeed…he is going to be traumatized for the rest of his life. Yoooo I cant help but feel sorry for the boy, he is very young

5. 12 year old is old enough to understand guns n shooting, he is a spoil bred n our government says discipline them not

6. “Very sad story. I dont believe a 12 year old whom u still have to teach everyday to wash his undies is old enough to know wat hes doing. Its just sad that he will live with this forever. I feel for their mum. The father is negligent and his negligence costed all his children. Its gonna be a lifetime traumatic experience to the 12 year old. He won’t cope mentally. May the young soul rest in peace. Theres no 12 year old who can intentionally kill his lill brother. He probably ddnt know that the bullets in the gun can shoot someone to death as he may be used to shooting with toy guns n no one died”

7. “This is a very sad story it is this negligent behaviour that harms innocent children. All firearms if not under your 100 percent control are to be kept in a locked safe. That is not only the law but also the logical and correct way to keep and possess firearm.”

8. “There is more to this story. The police shud conduct thorough investigations. At his age the boy knows a gun kills. Y wasn’t it locked in it’s safe? And the safety button, y wasn’t it activated? Condolences thou”

9. “This 12 year old boy did not mean to kill his biological brother. Shame the biological mother of the two boys is going through such a difficult time. I m jst thinking abt her now. We are in the last days of the world now.”

10. ” I really don’t think the 12 year old is at fault. When we are/were that age, our parents bought us toy guys which instilled in us the urge to hold the real one. So the child saw the gun was probably too excited and began playing with it. I don’t think he expected that to happen at all. I mean 12 year olds have to be told multiple times no, but when they are alone and there is no adult supervision they will like do what they want to do. The farther, However is at fault coz he knows the gun laws.”

11. “My father had 9mm, hunting rifle & pellet air rifle. He didn’t need a gun safe to keep guns away from me bcz he taught me how to safely handle & shoot them. So effectively I knew these were NOT toys to be touched in his absence bar the air-rifle (had to buy my own pellets to use it). 
So if u got a gun in the house, know boys are curious, teach them yourself about dangers & responsibilities, what never to do, when. 
Dangerous are revolver pistols bcz simple to fire & got no safety mechanisms – aside from not being loaded, its the worst type gun to have with kids around.”

12. “Let us be honest here, a 12 year old already knows what a gun can do. It’s the things these kids watch on TV, they think it’s cool and now the father has to account and rightfully so. I don’t know about you, but i think we have a cold blooded young killer here. Absolutely disgusting.”

13. “Arrest the father, it is his fault.”

14. “Dads to be blamed should hav a safe for ur firearm!!!”

15. “Terrible thing to happen but i don’t think the boy did it on purpose, it was probably a mistake. Rip to the young one”