He can't move on and that's destroying our love.

Hi sis dolly, I have been going out with this guy for four years now,I found him with the mother of his child,at first he was just trying to score until he fell in love with me,the problem is he always say he will leave his girlfriend but he Neva did at first the excuse was let’s wait for baby to grow first.the last year she fell pregnant for him second baby,I’ forgave him and I let him go c his kids as he please but the problem if he loves me and Stella me we belong together wel I can c that coz we always together and our love is fire red Buthelezi doesn’t want to let go of the girl he tells me he cant leave him for no reason and that I must be patient coz he is waiting for him to make a mistake ,I’m going crazy be coz he can’t move on and that’s destroying our love coz we always fight abt her should I hold on or wat to do with my life.