Generations May 2014 Soapie Teasers

Latest  Generations May 2014 Soapie Teasers

Thursday 1 May 2014
Episode 93 (4115)

Khethiwe’s had enough of her friend’s prima donna behaviour. Mama Maggie takes a turn for the worst. Mzwanele snaps when pushed too far.

Friday 2 May 2014
Episode 94 (4116)

Mawande has a frightening secret. Evidence of Ngamla’s drug dealings comes to light. Bianca has something special in store for MJ.

Monday 5 May 2014
Episode 95 (4117)

Choppa realises he might need Vern after all. Priska almost has heart failure when she sees how Queen is dressed. Ezweni’s IT guy finds out where the virus was sent from.

Tuesday 6 May 2014
Episode 96 (4118)

Akhona gets the job offer of a lifetime. Mandisa has to cover her tracks, and fast! Ruby tries her best to comfort a troubled friend.

Wednesday 7 May 2014
Episode 97 (4119)

Mzwanele is ready to play dirty. MJ is shocked when he finally gets his wish. Mawande breaks down in her true love’s arms.

Thursday 8 May 2014
Episode 98 (4120)

Choppa can’t believe it when Zinhle moves out. Patricia is horrified by what she discovers in the basement. Nicholas proposes to the girl of his dreams.

Friday 9 May 2014
Episode 99 (4121)

Mandisa panics when the police want her statement. Dr Walker warns that time is running out. Motha vows never to forgive or forget.

Monday 12 May 2014
Episode 100 (4122)

Queen has lost her spunk. Connor has a plan on how to get what they need. Priska walks in on a heated kiss.

Tuesday 13 May 2014
Episode 101 (4123)

Nicholas and MJ have a major fall-out. Jason is shocked to hear about the spyware on his computer. Ngamla doesn’t bother to let his fiancée down gently.

Wednesday 14 May 2014
Episode 102 (4124)

Patricia thinks it’s time for Zinhle to upgrade. Noluntu’s worried about the tension at YonaYethu. Mandisa celebrates by getting it on with someone.

Thursday 15 May 2014
Episode 103 (4125)

Dineo wants to strike while the iron is hot. The harder Choppa tries to do good, the more he messes up. Nicholas proves why he’s the number one player in Jozi.

Friday 16 May 2014
Episode 104 (4126)

Noluntu finds her brother conspiring with the enemy. Queen agrees to give a friend a different kind of makeover. Connor finds out the hard way never to cross a man like Ngamla.

Monday 19 May 2014
Episode 105 (4127)

Jason and Senzo are floored by an unexpected announcement. Zinhle receives an ultimatum. Mandisa realises her luck has run out.

Tuesday 20 May 2014
Episode 106 (4128)

The staffers are shocked when Nicholas gets thrown out. MJ does some dirty work on behalf of his father. Ezweni’s CEO is fired.

Wednesday 21 May 2014
Episode 107 (4129)

Priska gives Ngamla her answer. Connor thinks it’s time to admit defeat. Dineo gives Patrick an idea, but will Ruby go for it?

Thursday 22 May 2014
Episode 108 (4130)

Dinner in the Dlomo house is a tense affair. Zinhle dumps Choppa. Mandisa receives a chilling warning.

Friday 23 May 2014
Episode 109 (4131)

Jason tries to prove his worth at Ezweni. MJ is worried about his friend’s state of mind. Senzo is more confused than ever about what to do.

Monday 26 May 2014
Episode 110 (4132)

Nicholas wants Mary to spy for him. Dineo can’t wait to stake her claim. Chaos breaks out at the shebeen.

Tuesday 27 May 2014
Episode 111 (4133)

Patrick feels terrible when he realises what he’s done. Choppa’s plan to win his girlfriend back doesn’t go too well. Ngamla orders a hit on an enemy.

Wednesday 28 May 2014
Episode 112 (4134)

Jason decides it’s time to let go. Priska doesn’t appreciate being treated like a nobody. Ruby gets a pleasant surprise.

Thursday 29 May 2014
Episode 113 (4135)

Dineo bumps into an old flame. Noluntu’s good deed gets thrown back in her face. Senzo doesn’t allow his guilty conscience to stop him from having fun.

Friday 30 May 2014
Episode 114 (4136)

Choppa acts like a love-struck teenager when Zinhle arrives. Will gets more than he bargained for during a secret rendezvous. Cosmo is delighted to receive a dinner invite.