Gay guy obsessed with this friend

Imma gay guy wuz obsessed with this guy I been friends with (friends with benefits to mention, but we neva slept cz I refused to be perceived cheap cz sum gays are and Im nt juc any gay).

Weneva Im on facebook I stalk hz fb wall secretly! Mind you Ive already unfriended the guy on my fb a wyl ago afta a quarrel we had. I CRAVE him so much and the bloody idiot knwz it n hz playing hard to get.

I wish I cud stop the infatuation I hav ova dis guy cz nw Im even stalking wum hz frnds with on fb checking f hz not befriending any gay guys wu are take my spot, and investigate hz current girlfriends anonymously bcoz I wanna expose him for no reason at all thou.
I juc want him and I so knw he wants me too hz juc playing hard to get! I wish I cud stop my obsession with him before it gets serious