Gauteng husband who murdered his wife with an axe sentenced

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The Pretoria High court sitting at Delmas, on 18 July 2019, has sentenced 39-year-old Mandla Thomo to life imprisonment for murder.

Information from police report revealed that, on 08 August 2013, Thomo murdered his wife, Mpumi Duma (38) who was a nurse at a local hospital. It is reported that on the above mentioned date, neighbours could not get hold of the nurse and her  house locked, thereafter, got suspicious and alerted the police who rushed to the scene.

On arrival they also failed to open the door and requested the fire brigade who arrived and forcefully opened it and were met by the gruesome discovery of the nurse hacked to death with an axe.

An investigation was launched which led to the arrest of Thomo on 19 August 2016. He was remanded in custody till he faced the full might of the law on the above mentioned date.