Family Arrested For Man’s 2016 Farm Attack Murder

Family Arrested For Man’s 2016 Farm Attack Murder. Tony Strydom was killed in a weird situation on a small farm by the Ridgeway side.

The family members of the man who was murdered during the so-called farm attack have been apprehended. The man’s wife and son are suspected to have been linked to his murder. Tony Strydom was murdered at a farm close to Louis Trichardt in Limpopo. The man was murdered on June 2016.

News24 states that the man’s son and wife have been apprehended and were due in the Louis Trichardt Magistrates Court on the counts of killing someone. The verdict was set last week Friday. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe , the spokesperson of the Limpopo Police, said, “This is a very complicated case.”

The Limpopo police spokesperson also said that the police are still searching for clues. Tony Strydom was killed in a weird situation on a small farm by the Ridgeway side. His loved ones stated that he went to go practice his shooting until a shot was fired from behind him. The loved ones said the suspect was not anybody they knew. According to Zoutpansberger, they were leasing an accommodation in the small farm.

The small farm belongs to Tony Strydom’s boss. Tony’s wife and son were supposedly questioned by the authorities. Tony’s wife is a stepparent to Tony’s children. It is said that the arrested son and his brother went out to search for their father and found his body on the ground close to his vehicle. The body was facing down when they found it, then they moved his body to face up. They presumed him as a person that has passed away.

Tony’s gun was not near him when they found him. The nature of the murder is still unknown to the police. It is presumed that the man killed himself or he was in the middle of a shooting. Rieta Strydom, Ton’s wife, says, “I am being told that I shot him for his money…I am sick and tired of these stories.” The wife and son have been recently been taken out of jail till the next court hearing on the 24th of May.

by Alexandra Ramaite