Everything You Need To Know About Victoria Beckham’s Red Wine Diet

Everything You Need To Know About Victoria Beckham's Red Wine Diet

The 45-year-old fashion designer “tells herself” that the alcoholic tipple is “really good” for her even though she isn’t entirely sure that’s correct.

Speaking on ‘This Morning’, she said: “I tell myself it’s really good to drink red wine. I did hear that once, and I think it’s probably the wine industry that said that but I like it, so I kind of throw that into the equation as well.”

When asked if she would rather drink red wine or tequila, the ex-Spice Girls singer confessed her love for the popular spirit. 

She added: “That’s like the hardest one. This is killing me. It depends what tequila. It depends what red wine – but I’m going to go with wine.” 

Victoria – who has children Brooklyn, 20; Romeo, 17; Cruz, 14 and eight-year-old Harper with husband David Beckham – admitted she used to have a lot of “little paranoias” about herself but she feels much more confident these days.

She said: “I definitely feel more confident now. 

“There were things that, little paranoias when I was younger that I used to have about myself. 

“I think it’s about focusing on the good things. Just being kind to yourself. I think everybody should be kind to yourself and kind to each other.”

And even since her Spice Girls days, Victoria has celebrated the differences in herself and other people and her outlook hasn’t changed now.

She said: “Performing in the Spice Girls, it was about accepting that we were all different and we wanted to have fun, and we wanted to look like the best version of ourselves. So it hasn’t changed at all.”