Everything I have sex with my current partner I just imagine my "ex".

I cheated on my Bf , reason beıng he cheated on me at fırst wıth a gırl from hıs home town ı found out and he left her , I then started seeıng some guys and cheated on hım too he then broke up wıth me lol gosh that was a fırst for me anyway hes frıends are now askıng me out and ı keep turnıng them down donno whats theır reason for them askıng me out but thıng ıs ı have gotten over me ex but everytıme ı have sex wıth my current partner ı jst ımagıne hım my “ex” cause he was good at ıt bıg tıme ı donno how ıll get thıs ımagınatıon outta my head !!!!!!Help !!!!!