Event Planners Leave Faith Nketsi Stranded In Cyprus

Event Planners Leave Faith Nketsi Stranded In Cyprus. She says the event planners of the music festival gave her counterfeit flight tickets.

Model and business woman Faith Nketsi was left stranded in Cyprus after she was set to be the host of the AfroLavida Music Festival in Cyprus. She says the event planners of the music festival gave her counterfeit flight tickets. The model went on social media to expose the way the event planners treat artists and hosts from the time they arrived at Cyprus.

“This has been by far the worst treatment I’ve experienced from event organizers. After so many requests on an event schedule, they failed to provide one. None of the artists, and I mean none, knew what time they were precisely going to be picked up from the hotel,” says Faith Nketsi. She says the artists were rushed to get out of their rooms at 4am while they were told to get ready at around 11pm.

She says, “Every artist was rushed like slaves from their rooms at 4am!! When we were told to get ready at 11pm-12pm, ONLY to be picked up at 4am and rushed pushed and [shoved] basically trying to distract from asking their payments and return tickets…” The artists were promised to get their full payment (they received their balance when they were still in their home countries) once they arrived at the location but instead they were busy being stalled by the event planners. They were then told that they would get their money before they get on stage.

The business woman says,“We were eventually told that we’d receive our money before we take our different positions or else we will not get paid.” Faith Nketsi eventually found out that they have been doing this to other people for quite a while. “After extensive investigations and leaked information from reliable sources, I found out that this is a norm for them. This is what they do to get by in Cyprus,” she says.

The event planners also refused to pay for the model’s food bill in the hotel she was staying in, they said it was more than what they budgeted for. The event planners gave them a choice between paying for the food bill and paying for the accommodation. Brain Leads Entertainment was the company that booked her for the event. She also produced the WhatsApp texts between her and the event planners, and the texts from other artists that were supposed to get paid.

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You’re such an animal. You have no decorum and humility. You owe me my balance firstly. Secondly, you terminated a contract ‘cause you couldn’t reach your end of the deal, meaning you’re very weak minded and less of a man ‘cause your word is not your bond. Thirdly, your professionalism is so appalling. I was booked to host at your “event” not to entertain a bunch of men. Had I known that was your plan, I would’ve never even bothered to come to Cyprus. You’re actually a wolf covered in sheep skin now that I think about it. I’m so used to promoters like you honestly but u take the cup!!. I should’ve known better than to trust a promoter all the way in Cyprus doing God know what in Cyprus. I hope and pray you pay other artists, if you do have a conscience that is. God sees all the bad you do, and trust me, he won’t let this go. If you do carry on with this fraudulent event, I will post it each and every time it happens, with the intentions of PERSONALLY reminding every artists you book to request full payment before they get on a plane to YOU. I will build a case for your event to get shut down. I will use my might and power to expose the exploitation that is happening to our African people all in the name of “African unity” You’re a scum and hope you fix your ways,which I highly doubt. @brainleads_ent @afrolavidafest. Anyways guys IM HOME AND IM SAFE! Thank u for hearing me out. Thank u so much to this girl for allowing me to post this ??

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by Alexandra Ramaite