EASTERN CAPE – Algoa Park police arrest attempting hijacking suspects

EASTERN CAPE – Two attempted hijacking suspects were arrested soon after they failed to hijack a vehicle in Algoa Park yesterday afternoon, 07 November 2020.

It is alleged that at about 16:40, the driver of a Toyota Corolla got into his vehicle in a parking lot of a shopping centre in St Leonard’s Road when he was approached by two males, both aged 29 years old. The driver’s window was slightly opened and the one suspect attempted to pull the keys from the ignition. The driver resisted and tried to ward them off from inside the vehicle. As the driver tried to drive away, one suspect stood in front of the car.

By this time, the incident attracted the attention of bystanders who started yelling at the suspects. The driver managed to drive off and reported the incident at SAPS Algoa Park. The information of the suspects were immediately simulcast to all vehicles in the area. SAPS Algoa Park Crime Prevention members were in the vicinity and responded. The suspects were approaching another vehicle and with the assistance of the community members, they were pointed out. The members started chasing after them on foot and both suspects were apprehended. While running, one suspect threw away a knife and the other tried to discard his jacket so that he may not be recognised.

They were positively identified by the complainant and are detained on a charge of attempted hijacking. They will appear in the New Brighton magistrates’ court on Monday, 09 November 2020.