Doctor Advised Somizi To Slow Down On Champagne #LTDWSomizi

Doctor Advised Somizi To Slow Down On Champagne #LTDWSomizi. Somizi then went to go meetup with Dr Lex Leo, commonly known as Dr Smile, for a dental appointment.

Somizi and Mohale’s wedding preparations are in place, the couple went to go meet their wedding planner for the traditional wedding. The couple was happy with what the woman showed them. The couple kept speaking about how Mohale loves food. At the food tasting, the man dished up a lot of food, he also asked for a take away. Somizi reminded him that they just tasting.

Somizi made a joke about the former presenter of Mzansi Magic’s ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ while comparing her to Mohale, he says that she also loves food to the point where she eats before the groom and bride. They also went on to make a joke about the show where they made their own wedding wish list. Somizi then met one of his friends at a restaurant in Alexandra, he made a joke about food and the masculinity of gay people.

Somizi says that when a gay person’s hungry their masculinity is forced out. In the show Somizi speaks about the Metro FM radio hosts reshuffling. He tells one of his friends that he thought that he was fired, only to find out that his contracted had ended but they renewed it and gave him a slot that he would like. He tried tricking Mohale into thinking that his time at the show was terminated, Mohale didn’t seem phased by the news. Somizi was hurt by how Mohale didn’t seem to care about the news.

Somizi then went to go meetup with Dr Lex Leo, commonly known as Dr Smile, for a dental appointment. Dr Smile is a celebrity dentist. The doctor showed him how his teeth looked, Somizi hilariously said that celeb teeth do not get rotten. “It’s going through hard times,” says Somizi. Somizi went on to reveal that some of the celebs have bad breath. The doctor suggested that Somizi slows down on drinking champagne because it creates a negative environment in the mouth. The choreographer says Dr Smile is a negative person because he told him to slow down on champagne, he jokingly said he won’t go there anymore. Fans were in stitches when he said the doctor was negative.

One tweep says, “So Somizi wants to stop going to Dr Smile cause he says he [should] just slow down champagne…” One tweep jokingly agreed with Somizi. “How do you tell me to stop champagne”…I swear I’d also leave that dr…” One tweep says, “Hau Somizi…Doctor tells that you need to cut down on Champagne cause [it’s] affecting your teeth and you then [say] you don’t like his attitude. What a wow…”

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by Alexandra Ramaite