Dickies #Yours2make Campain

Heritage workwear brand, Dickies, has launched a new campaign called #Yours2Make. The campaign is based on the concept of channelling one’s career and intricately showcasing your craft in a way that inspires an audience.
The campaign’s foundation is built on 5 long-standing creative pillars namely, culinary, customisation, arts, style, and dance, all of which harbour a sense of community and thrive on expression. Dickies called on 6 South African makers who have worked and ignited a passion within their discipline, to participate. They are:

Each maker was tasked to produce a tutorial and showcase their body of work, explaining their core inspiration and guiding the audience through the creative process.

In addition to the brand paying homage to skilled creatives and being in the campaign’s driver’s seat, Dickies ensured that all makers were dressed in apparel and accessories best aligned with their category. Fuelling the initiative that embodies the appreciation of the makers, the brand focused on storytelling that leads to a flourished sense of encouragement.

Over the next few weeks, each maker will be posting their tutorials, engage, make it your own and enjoy.

About Dickies
Dickies presents a range of clothing, footwear, and accessories inspired by its heritage that dates back to over 90 years to its establishment in 1922. Dickies heritage is also heightened by its strong following and brand history the world over. By utilizing fit functionality, fashion and most importantly– quality, Dickies offers seasonal ranges comprising of tees, jackets, jeans, and trousers together with awesome footwear, headwear, and backpacks. Dickies workwear inspired clothing is embraced not only by the young, energetic and vibrant but also those individuals of all age groups and walks of life who simply choose to embrace the brand. Born from American roots Dickies remains authentic, uncomplicated and a little rough around the edges just like the people who wear them. For more information, please visit www.dickies.co.za and follow @dickiesafrica.