Days of our Lives Teasers – July 2014

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Episode 11 613 

Taylor overhears the impostor confessing to killing Fay. Sami tries to get Taylor to hold off on going to the police or telling anyone else about what she heard. Chloe is able to avoid sleeping with the John since he passed out.

Later, Chloe runs into Justin in the hotel bar where he has her sign papers for visitation for Parker. Then John shows up and talks about Chloe.

Wednesday 2 July 2014
Episode 11 614

E.J. wakes up but doesn’t remember what happened to him. Taylor tells Nicole about “Rafe” confessing to Fay’s death. The impostor knocks over the camera with his confession and ruins part of the tape. Jennifer notices the white powder on Carly’s desk. Melanie tells Brady that she covered for him.

Thursday 3 July 2014
Episode 11 615

Bo tries to show E.J. the taped confession but E.J. takes a turn for the worse. Hope attempts to keep Taylor from going to the hospital and Taylor accidently knocks Hope to the ground. Stefano thanks Daniel for saving E.J.’s life but questions him on where and how he found E.J. Carly tries to cover for the powder Jennifer found in her room.

Friday 4 July 2014
Episode 11 616

Will continues to avoid intimacy with Gabi. Justin and Adrienne’s son, Sonny arrives in Salem. E.J. is rushed into surgery while Bo is trying to interrogate him. After E.J. comes out of surgery, Taylor tells him that Rafe killed her mother.

Monday 7 July 2014
Episode 11 617

Bo arrests Taylor for assaulting Hope but it is just to keep her away from E.J. Melanie tries to get Maggie to get Victor out of town before Stefano finds out Brady beat up E.J.

Jennifer tells Hope that Brady beat E.J. up and Hope tells Bo the news. Bo arrests Nicole but as a measure to keep her safe. Jennifer’s suspicions continue to rise that Carly was the one that stole drugs from the hospital.

Detective McCarthy questions Dario about his whereabouts the night before.

Tuesday 8 July 2014
Episode 11 618

Melanie creates an alibi for Dario by telling Detective McCarthy Dario was with her the previous night. Bo and Hope release Taylor when they realize she thinks Rafe beat up E.J. Bo and Hope calls Rafe and Sami away from Will’s graduation party to tell them their new plan, to let the DiMera’s think their impostor tried to kill E.J. Abby tells Jennifer that she caught Carly filling her prescription under her other name.

Wednesday 9 July 2014
Episode 11 619

Sami is reluctant to Bo and Hope’s plan but realizes it is the only way to bring E.J. down. Justin surprised Chloe with a visit from Parker. Chloe’s John tells Quinn that she was seeing another man the night she was supposed to be with him. Jennifer asks Daniel to run a test on the powder she found in Carly’s room.

Thursday 10 July 2014
Episode 11 620 

Bo and Hope mug Marco and take the money he was to deliver to Stefano. Bo, Hope and Sami’s plan to listen in on the happenings in the DiMera mansion is ruined when the bug Sami planted falls into water. Kate tells Abby that Chad is on the docks and Abby catches Chad doing DiMera business.

Friday 11 July 2014
Episode 11 621

Chad, Will, Gabi, Abby and Kinsey image various residents of Salem in spoofs of 2010 Academy Award nominated films.

Monday 14 July 2014
Episode 11 622

E.J. pushes his marriage proposal. Bo and Hope continue their schemes against the DiMera’s. E.J. and Stefano freak out when Rafe brings Johnny home from school. Jennifer tries to stage a one-person intervention for Carly. Melanie and Abigail discuss their parents’ love lives.

Tuesday 15 July 2014
Episode 11 623

Sami worries that Stefano may be onto them when he catches her in a lie. Bo has to release Nicole because he has nothing to charge her with but warns her not to tell Taylor about what she knows. Gabi continues to worry about Will’s feelings for her.

Wednesday 16 July 2014
Episode 11 624

Bo, Hope, Rafe and Sami set their plan in motion. A drunken Nicole lets the impostor loose thinking it is the real Rafe. Kate tries to get proof that Chloe is a hooker.

Thursday 17 July 2014
Episode 11 625 

The impostor shows up at the same time Rafe has to confront E.J. and Stefano. Sami cannot find Taylor so she goes to the DiMera mansion. Rafe, Sami, Bo and Hope try to get Stefano and E.J. to admit to their impostor plan but they both try to deflect the accusations.

Taylor doesn’t believe what she is seeing or hearing from Sami. Dario realizes Brady has feelings for Melanie. Nicole calls Brady to help her. Carly finds herself down on the dock in a bad area.

Friday 18 July 2014
Episode 11 626

Taylor finally realizes E.J. is lying to her. Johnny overhears the argument in the living room and no longer wants to stay at the DiMera mansion. Quinn learns from Phelps that Carly has a drug problem and he informs Vivian. Melanie decides to change her last name to Jonas.

Monday 21 July 2014
Episode 11 627 

Sonny tells Victor that he is gay. Taylor makes amends with Nicole. Stefano tells E.J. he is through with him. Kinsey sets her sights on Sonny. Abby and Chad reconcile.

Tuesday 22 July 2014
Episode 11 628

Bo has to take Hope off the case because the D.A. has contacted Abe upset. Bo tells Hope that he hopes the impostor will only talk to her and they will have reason to reinstate her. Kinsey tries to befriend Nicole. Victor worries about what Sonny will have to face when he tells them he is gay.

Wednesday  23 July 2014
Episode 11 629 

Johnny sees a newscast about E.J. and Stefano being in trouble. Lexie worries about Theo’s reaction to Stefano and E.J.’s troubles. Detective McCarthy remembers seeing the impostor looking at mug shots.

Bo and Hope realize that he may have been looking at a mug shot of himself and Detective McCarthy is able to find the picture giving them information on the impostor’s true identity. Bo and Hope ask Sami to remember any information she can about the impostor. Chad takes a stand for E.J. but is angry when E.J. tries to blame the whole impostor idea on Stefano.

Thursday 24 July 2014
Episode 11 630 

The D.A. is on the war path demanding Hope be removed from any involvement with the Salem P.D. Bo calls in a favour from Victor and is able to tell Hope that the Governor has pardoned her and she no longer has a record.

Brady tells Taylor that he was the one who beat up E.J. Taylor worries about what will happen if E.J. eventually remembers. Stefano tells E.J. that he doesn’t think that Rafe was behind his beating. E.J. starts to remember pieces from the night he was beat up.

Friday 25 July 2014
Episode 11 631

The impostor gets a cellmate named Sofia who was Rafe’s former partner in the FBI. Sofia is able to convince the impostor to take a deal to go into witness protection. Tad freaks out when he finds out from another friend that Sonny is gay. Quinn tells Kate he doesn’t want to work for her anymore to bring down Chloe. Kinsey suggests a job possibility to Chloe but Kate finds the information.

Monday 28 July 2014
Episode 11 632

Abe informs Taylor and Nicole that the impostor has agreed to be a witness against the DiMera’s in exchange for amnesty and will go into witness protection. Taylor is upset her mother’s killer will not receive jail time.

The Salem PD puts guards on the DiMera mansion when Lexie worries that it sounds like Stefano is getting ready to run. Later, two officers show up to arrest Stefano and E.J. An officer makes a mistake and puts a group of inmates in with the impostor. One of them recognizes the impostor and thinks he is the real Rafe who put him in prison. Bo and Hope rush to the cell but are too late and the impostor has been killed by the inmate.

Monday 29 July 2014
Episode 11 633

Vivian tricks Jennifer into being at the same restaurant Daniel has planned for an outing with Carly. Gus keeps Carly busy at the hospital. Sami is devastated to learn that the impostor was killed in prison. Rafe surprised the inmates when he demands answers about who killed the impostor. E.J. gives sole custody of Johnny and Sydney to Sami.

Tuesday 30 July 2014
Episode 11 634

Kate does everything possible to ruin Chloe’s new job singing at a club including trying to pay one of the John’s to say to the social work he paid Chloe to sleep with him. Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion demanding to know what E.J. is up to when he finds out E.J. gave Sami sole custody.

Carly catches Daniel and Jennifer kissing and spirals out of control. Vivian tells Phelps to make sure Carly takes drugs from him and he drops a bag on the docks when Carly refuses and she picks it up. Stefano is irate when he finds out E.J. gave Sami custody and starts to call his lawyer. E.J. demands his father not go behind his back and collapses holding his head.

Wednesday 31 July 2014
Episode 11 635

Nicole finds E.J. holding his head in pain at the DiMera mansion. At first she takes the opportunity to yell at him for using her and what the impostor did to her mother but she eventually brings him to the hospital. E.J. tells Nicole he remembers seeing a woman when he was beat.

Later, E.J. remembers that is was Melanie. Brady offers Dario a job at Titan but it’s just to keep him busy so he can’t get closer to Melanie. Carly ends up not taking the drugs and keeps herself busy at work.