Bold and the Beautiful Teasers – July 2014

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Episode 6591

Steffy does her best to mask from Liam and Taylor her overwhelming emotions and her wavering feelings regarding her marriage.   Having changed her tune regarding Steffy and Liam’s relationship, Katie encourages Hope to allow the couple to work things out.

Thomas asserts his role as big brother when he questions and advises Liam on his commitment to Steffy.  Hope is blindsided when Steffy presents her with a sincere gift.

Wednesday 2 July 2014
Episode 6592     

Maya and Rick have their first encounter since their break-up while participating in the new Hope for the Future campaign. In order to keep a personal and painful secret, Katie blatantly lies to Liam about what’s going on with Steffy.

Hope questions Steffy’s gift and assumes that she isn’t in any emotional condition to be making such a sacrifice.  When Bill makes another threat towards Maya, this time, she refuses to back down.

Thursday 3 July 2014
Episode 6593     

Steffy is an emotional wreck when she breaks the news to Liam that she is going to Paris indefinitely and without him.  Despite his threatening intimidation, Maya stands firm with Bill that she will not give up Rick no matter what he does.

Knowing that Rick is single again, Caroline makes an impassioned attempt to win him back.  Wanting to apologize to Rick for ending their relationship, Maya finds him and Caroline in a compromising position.

Friday 4 July 2014
Episode 6594  

Regardless of their rivalry from the past, Katie and Steffy bond over a significant secret and share in an emotional goodbye. Heartbroken that his wife left the country, Liam finds comfort in the arms of a supportive Hope.

Rick and Caroline are dumbfounded by the news that Bill has been blackmailing Maya.  Caroline finds herself the third wheel when Rick and Maya reunite.  Rick begins to concoct a plan to get revenge on Bill.

Monday 7 July 2014
Episode 6595         

While comforting Liam, Hope reminds him that he can now have the life that he wanted before Steffy announced that she was pregnant.  Caroline confronts Bill about blackmailing Maya and informs him that Rick dumped her.

With the intent of getting revenge for the misdeed against Maya, Rick summons Bill to meet him at Forrester Creations.  Caroline assures Maya that she has not given up on Rick.

Tuesday 8 July 2014
Episode 6596     

Rick locks Bill down on an agreement to drop his blackmail against Maya and to add an apology to the pact. Brooke makes an emotional admission to Donna and Eric and begs for them to keep the matter confidential.

Caroline tells Carter her intent to win back Rick and encourages him to continue his pursuit of Maya. Rick and Maya celebrate the fact that there is no longer anything, or anyone, standing in the way of their relationship

Wednesday 9 July 2014
Episode 6597      

During a conversation regarding Steffy, Thomas becomes defensive of his sister and a bit accusatory against Liam.  Brooke arranges for Liam and Hope to spend private time together in an attempt to get their relationship back on track.

As a means to show how much Maya means to him, Rick presents her with a token of his affection.  Katie confesses to Brooke about Steffy’s secret.

Thursday 10 July 2014
Episode 6598     

Caroline learns of a new piece of information regarding Carter’s past and an alternative career that he is embarking upon.  When Caroline accompanies Carter to his new place of business, she is reunited with an old friend from New York, Rafael.

Caroline takes advantage of an opportune situation to concoct a new plan to win back Rick.  Hope is taken aback when Liam confesses his feelings for her, as well as his lingering feelings for Steffy.  Katie feels conflicted between her loyalty to Hope and her sympathy for Steffy.

Friday 11 July 2014
Episode 6599  

Caroline convinces Rafael to go along with her plan to push Maya and Carter together.  Pam offers Rick her assistance in getting the word out about his relationship with Maya.

Trying to be as understanding as possible, Hope gives Liam the time and space that he needs to make a decision about his future and who he wants to spend it with.   In an attempt to gain some perspective on her own, Hope takes a long walk that is quickly interrupted by a scantily clad handsome stranger.

Monday 14 July 2014
Episode 6600               

Caroline uses her connections with Rafael to assist her with her latest plan to get Maya away from Rick.  Brooke interrogates Liam on why his getaway with Hope didn’t go as planned.

Liam questions the real reason why Steffy left him and is determined to get an answer.  Hope becomes better acquainted with the mystery man that she met in the woods. Maya gets her big break in the entertainment industry.

Tuesday 15 July 2014
Episode 6601      

Unhappy with how much pain his son is in, Bill encourages Liam to go after Steffy to either win her back or find out why she really left.  Donna is overwhelmed with guilt when Katie waxes on about how supportive Bill and Brooke have been with her.  Hope has an unexpected reunion with her mystery man when he shows up at her home with something she left behind.

Wednesday 16 July 2014
Episode 6602     

Katie walks in on a private conversation between Brooke and Donna and enquires as to what they are talking about.

Taylor attempts to be civil with Brooke when she asks about the new man in her life and apologizes to Brooke for assuming that she had an inappropriate relationship with Bill.  While planning a special night for Eric, Taylor gains information that leads her to believe that Brooke has her sights set on Eric.

Thursday 17 July 2014
Episode 6603  

Bill has a feeling that Brooke is holding something important from him and he confronts her about it.  Eric must answer to Taylor about what has been going on lately between him and Brooke.  Determined to find out what Brooke has been hiding, Taylor does some investigating to prove her theory correct.

Katie makes final preparations for the party that she is throwing in honor of Brooke’s birthday by rounding out the guest list with family, friends and foes.

Friday 18 July 2014
Episode 6604          

As Brooke’s birthday party begins, many attendees are on edge knowing that there is a big secret looming over the guest of honor’s head.  Katie reminisces about how much of an influence Brooke was to her while they were growing up.

Taylor tells Thomas all of the information that she has learned about Brooke.  When Katie extends an invitation to the party, Taylor considers attending solely to confront Brooke about her misdeeds.

Monday 21 July 2014
Episode 6605               

Taylor puts a major damper on the birthday party that Katie is throwing for Brooke when she announces that the guest of honor had an affair with Bill.  Thinking that Taylor is trying to stir up problems, Katie refuses to believe that her sister and her husband would betray her.

Unimpressed with Maya and Carter’s interaction on-screen, Caroline coaxes Rafael into allowing her to make some changes that she hopes will benefit her.

Tuesday 22 July 2014
Episode 6606      

When Katie confronts them about Taylor’s accusations, Bill attempts to justify his and Brooke’s actions.  Hope and Rick differ in their opinions about whether or not Brooke is at fault for another scandal.

Meanwhile, Brooke exudes immense regret and shame for what she and Bill did.  With the new changes to the web series’ script, Maya becomes concerned about what Rick might think.

Wednesday 23 July 2014
Episode 6607     

When Bill attempts to restore Katie’s faith in their relationship, she worries that his feelings for Brooke would get in the way.  Caroline is excited about the potential of Maya becoming a big star, thinking that Rick would not put up with being second to her career.  Upset that he assisted Brooke with hiding her betrayal of Katie, Taylor and Eric have their first argument as a couple.

Thursday 24 July 2014
Episode 6608    

Rick throws a large holiday party at the Bikini where many of the Forrester Creations employees are in attendance.

Bill encourages Liam to contact Steffy to find out the real reason why she left.  When Liam reaches out to Steffy, he doesn’t get the answer from her that he was hoping for.  While Hope is at the party waiting for Liam, Wyatt is more than happy to fill his shoes.

Caroline waits for the right moment to implement the next phase of her plan to break up Rick and Maya.

Friday 25 July 2014
Episode 6609      

Guests of Rick’s party enjoy the fireworks as some pair up and others sulk that they are not with their loved ones.  By the time Liam arrives at the party, Hope has found enjoyment in the company of Wyatt.  Caroline sends Rafael to do her bidding by showing Maya and Carter’s sexy and sultry scenes to Rick.  Unhappy by what he has seen, Rick pulls Maya aside and voices his disapproval of her actions.

Monday 28 July 2014
Episode 6610    

Brooke sits down with Hope and Rick in an attempt to justify her recent actions and ask for forgiveness.  When Katie proclaims that her marriage is over, Donna insists that she give Bill another chance.  With the intent to salvage his tarnished marriage, Bill plans to show Katie that she is the queen in his life.  With his heart and a present in-hand, Bill asks Katie to take him back.

Tuesday 29 July 2014
Episode 6611  

Unable to trust her husband and her sister any longer, Katie tells Bill that she wants to end their marriage.  Liam is still confused as to why Steffy left and is having a difficult time moving on with his life because of it.

As Hope gushes to Rick about Wyatt, she wavers on whether or not to wait around for Liam to be ready for a relationship. With divorce papers awaiting her signature, Katie fondly reminisces on her happier times with Bill.

Wednesday 30 July 2014
Episode 6612      

Katie surprisingly gains an unlikely ally in her battle against Bill, his sister Karen.  Bill turns to Brooke to assist him in trying to get Katie to come to her senses about giving their marriage another chance.

Knowing that his obsession about not knowing why Steffy left him is affecting his relationship with Hope, Liam sets out to find answers.  Unsuccessful in his search for the truth, Liam is determined to find it by going to the source, Steffy.

Thursday 31 July 2014
Episode 6613        

The more that Hope gets to know Wyatt, the more she becomes intrigued about his past.  Liam takes off to Paris to confront Steffy about the true reason that she left him.

Brooke attempts to convince Katie into forgiving her and Bill and changing her mind about a divorce.  Bill makes another plea to Katie to take him back by reminding her of the negative impact a broken family could have on Will.