Blue Mbombo Says Celebs Need To Be Humble

Blue Mbombo Says Celebs Need To Be Humble. Blue Mbombo went on Twitter to teach some celebs about humility.

Blue Mbombo went on Twitter to teach some celebs about humility. The model says just because a person is has celebrity status, it doesn’t mean that they should treat people badly. She says that celebrities should treat people with respect and that they should be humble. “Screw your celebrity status. You are human, treat people well and stay humble. No matter how big you are today or how good you are at what you do, you are…Replaceable,” says Blue Mbombo.

Fans commended her for her recognition of how some celebs perhaps treat other people. One tweep says, “Sending my love to your eyes, may they always see good, may you always practice kindness, may we see each other as one, be nothing short of in love with everything the Universe has to offer and may we always stay grounded.” Some tweep say that she gives them more reasons why the love her. “And you wonder [why I love you],” says one tweep. Another tweep says, “…You give me many reasons to love you over and over again.”

One tweep says, “[They] need to hear this Blue.” One tweep says, “…Unfortunately people tend to forget just how replaceable they are…” Some tweeps say that they’ve experienced the model’s humility, so they can testify that she lives up to her tweet. One tweep says, “My experience with you is soo much testament to this tweet.” Another tweep says, “And this is just NOT you trying to garner attention, likes or retweets. I’ve witnessed your kindness, beauty with my own eyes when you came through to the gallery I was sitting in.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite