Black Twitter Loves Convicted Racist Vicki Momberg’s Break Down In Court

Black Twitter Loves Convicted Racist Vicki Momberg’s Break Down In Court. Convicted racist Vicki Momberg was due in court today.

Convicted racist Vicki Momberg was due in court today. However, Vicki Momberg has been making rounds on social media because of her demands in court and the rants she has been pulling. She pushed away almost every entity that was to be in her court proceedings. She firstly said that she doesn’t want the legal team that was handling her case to handle her case anymore because she was going to do it herself.

Vicki, however, had a change of mind and said that she needs her lawyer to help her in her case. She asked the lawyer back because she didn’t want the media to concentrate on her as she was about to handle her case. Her lawyer denied her request to come back, the attorney says that there has been a client-lawyer alliance and cannot handle Momberg’s case any further.

She said that she doesn’t want the media at her court proceedings because the media has released her personal details, which has resulted in her family’s endangerment. Momberg tells the judge, “I can’t make you understand why I don’t want the media to film me because you don’t know what I’ve gone through over the past three years, you don’t know the abuse.” Vicki Momberg states that she has been assaulted at the Randburg Magistrates Court.

Tweeps had no remorse for Vicky Momber with some of them ridiculing her. Social media influencer and fighter of human rights, Tumi Sole says, “Vicky is even rude to attorneys! She’ll learn!” One tweep cited the World War. The tweep says, “WW syndrome has her by the throat…madam can’t understand why everyone isn’t dancing to her tune…it’s just not acceptable.” One tweep says most people work with people like Vicky Momberg.

The tweep says, “I feel “sorry” for Vicky Momberg because in all honesty, we work with a lot of her kind in offices disguised as management, their rants are said to be executive instructions and are untouchable. She was unfortunately exposed and keeps exposing herself even further.” One tweep says, “I feel Afriforum is about to jump in and assist her…” One tweep says Vicki Momberg has temper issues. One tweep says, “This #VickiMomberg story is interesting today.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite