Are we more than friends?

I have been friends with this boy for about two years but over the last four/five months we have become a lot closer and he has shown me some different signs but I’m not sure what they mean.

Before I tell you these signs let me tell you that he is a very nice person who is nice to girls and i am not the only girl he hugs but the other things i am the only one he does them to and my friend has noticed that he seems a lot closer/warmer to me than his other girl mates. Also, she says he flirts with me whereas he doesn’t flirt with his other girl friends.

Another thing, and this is extremely important and is the bit that is confusing me the most. I mentioned earlier about him being very nice to everyone which includes pretty much all girls, not in a flirty way but just being friendly. There are one or two girls he seems closer to than others, me included. One of them, Carol, he has liked before but they never got together in the end. They are close, like me and him, but they are actually closer so whereas me and him have cuddled and held hands etc, they have also done all this but he has kissed her on the cheek and even if me and him have had the best time ever together, as soon as he sees her, he will go straight to her and hug her. Furthermore, tonight he met up with his friend Tom and their friends Molly and Amy – Amy is his ex but he often says he finds her annoying…

Although he does seem to flirt with me, he also seems to flirt with Carol and has now met up with his ex, Amy, so I don’t know what to think. I am wondering if I should just go for it and ask him on a date because that will make it clearer as to what he feels. But I wanted to ask for your opinions first. What do you think? Be totally honest, I need honesty!!!!