Actor Kenneth Nkosi Hands Himself In After Assault Accusations

Actor Kenneth Nkosi Hands Himself In After Assault Accusations. The assault event happened last week Friday in the evening.

Actor and comedian, Kenneth Nkosi, has been arrested following accusations of him assaulting a woman at the BlackAnt Lounge in Newtown at Johannesburg. The assault event happened last week Friday in the evening. He is currently held at the Central Joburg police station. The actor and comedian gave himself over to the police today (Tuesday). He is set to appear at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

One of the victim’s friends posted a thread about what Kenneth did along with a video recording that showed him seemingly drunk while he was lighting a cigarette. The woman says he assaulted her friend because she didn’t want to give him any attention. The woman says, “What I saw on Friday at BlackAnt Lounge in Newtown just after 10pm…Kenneth Nkosi is an abuser, he assaulted someone I know because she refused to give him attention…He then followed her into the ladies restrooms…& continued violating her.”

She went on to say that he refused to give her friend’s phone back. She also posted a video of him refusing to give her phone back. She also sent a post of a DM that was sent to her. The woman who sent her the DM claims that Kenneth Nkosi sexually assaulted her. Tweeps were in support of the woman that was assaulted by the actor and comedian. One tweep says, “I am so disappointed in Kenneth Nkosi. Men are trash.”

One tweep says, “We should all be discussing Kenneth Nkosi and making sure that everyone is aware of what kind of a being he is…” One tweep says Kenneth Nkosi uses his fame to get away with his wrongdoings. The tweep says, “Kenneth Nkosi is a monster amongst many ho use fame to abuse innocent women! When do South Africans think it would be okay to start muting these fools. If you abuse us, you can starve before I watch your movies, until justice is served!”

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by Alexandra Ramaite