A suspect was subsequently arrested for the illegal possession of Drugs – Western Cape

16-year-old boy arrested for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition - Western Cape

The vigilance of member attached to Knysna Crime Prevention Unit who followed up on vital information from the community about an illegal firearm led to the apprehension of a wanted suspect who was sought in connection with a pointing of firearm and the discharge of a firearm in a municipal area, in Thembalethu and Knysna respectively.

The members were on crime prevention patrols when they spotted the suspect’s vehicle, a Nissan Sentra in Joodse Camp, Knysna in front of his father’s residence. They approached the suspect who accompanied them to the vehicle. Members ensued with a search and found a firearm with ammunition, hidden in a compartment of the car that houses the wiper motor. The find subsequently led to the arrest of the 39-year-old suspect and the confiscation of illegal firearms and ammunition.

Another suspect (20) that accompanied the 39-year-old suspect was also search and a small amount of Tik was found on his person. He was subsequently arrested for the illegal possession of Drugs and the Tik was confiscated as evidence.

Further investigation revealed that the confiscated firearm is linked to a burglary that occurred in Oudtshoorn during March 2021. This in essence means that more charges might be added to the initial charges against the 39-year-old of Possession of a Firearm without a licence, Discharge of Firearm in a municipal Area and Pointing of a firearm.

The duo, (20-39), are scheduled to appear in the Knysna Magistrates’ court on mention charges. The 20-year-old suspect faces an additional charge of possession of illegal drugs.

The firearms will be sent for ballistic tests to determine whether it could have been used in the commission of other crime.

Eden Cluster Commander, Maj Gen Oswald Reddy has commended the members for their vigilance and the effort to eradicate the proliferation of illegal firearms and ammunition in the Southern Cape.

Western Cape Police management also commended the members for their vigilance and commitment to rid our streets from illegal firearms.