A suspect was arrested for housebreaking and theft in Maitland area – Western Cape

Three suspects were arrested in Sasolburg after robbing a cellphone shop - Free State

On 2021-05-29 a suspect was arrested for housebreaking and theft in Maitland area.

He was taken to Maitland SAPS where the members realized that he is in need of medical attention.


The members took the suspect to Somerset Hospital, Sea Point for treatment. The 34 year Constable was left at the hospital to guard the suspect.

Whilst at the hospital the suspect managed to escape.

The Constable informed the 44 year old Warrant Officer of the escaping on his return to the hospital.

The members drove around the area looking for the suspect but could not trace him.

They returned to Maitland area and found another person on the street whom they took to Maitland police station and detained him in place of the suspect.

They did not inform anyone of what had happened. It was only the next day, when the suspect was processed, that the detective realized that the person does not fit the description of the person who was originally arrested.

The matter was referred to the Anti-Corruption Unit for investigation.

On completion of the investigation it was discussed with the Director of Public

Prosecutions (DPP), Western Cape who decided to charge the members.

The Magistrate at Cape Town Court authorized warrants of arrest for the arrest of the members.

On 2021-07-16 both members were arrested and detained at Cape Town Central SAPS.


They are due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrates court on Monday, 2021-07-19 on the mentioned charges.


SAPS management remain committed in uprooting all forms of corruption.