5 Times Kanye Treated Kim Like A Diamond And Everyone Like Dirt

A lot of men are jerks, they can be rude to the world, arrogant to others and can make an extra effort to make your life suck. But there are some good men out there. These men may not be the greatest and kindest of men to the rest of the world, but to their partners, they are angels in disguise. One man who fits into that category is Kanye West. The man has never failed to show love for any of the women he has dated and since marrying Kim treats her like a queen. Check out some of the sweetest things Kanye does for Kim that proves he treats her like a diamond.

Clearing the paparazzi for her

Opening the door for her

Carrying her bags

Fixing her dress

Fixing her shoes

Helping Her Cross the street

Kanye truly treats Kim like a diamond. He is a gentleman and a lover to his wife and proof that you don’t need to be kind to the world to treat your woman like a diamond