5 Myths About The Coronavirus That Have Been Widely Shared

5 Myths About The Coronavirus That Have Been Widely Shared. The fear of the coronavirus has been hitting people quite hard.

The fear of the coronavirus has been hitting people quite hard. Some people have, however, been sharing false news. The government has recently created a policy that helps in keeping the virus in check, it is also set to punish the people that bring out fake information. The Disaster Management Act regulations that was publicised by minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the co-operative governance minister gives the government the right to fine or jail those that share false information about the virus. These are 5 of the myths that have been shared:

Myth 1: Masks Protect You From The Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation says the people that should be wearing masks are health officials and people that are taking care of covid-19 victims. This helps by protecting the health official to avert spreading the virus if a patient cough or sneezes.

Myth 2: Warm Weather Kills The Virus

The World Health Organisation has bashed the false information that the virus works best in cold weather and goes away when it is hot. The organisation has cautioned against taking hot showers to supposedly remove the virus as this may cause further harm. It also states that the human body temperature stays the same regardless of the outside factors such as taking hot showers and the weather conditions.

Myth 3: The Coronavirus Only Impacts Old People

Everyone can be impacted by the virus. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) people that have low immune systems because of illnesses such as diabetes, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tubercolosis are mor vulnerable to the disease.

Myth 4: There Is A Cure For The Virus

Experts have still not found a cure for the virus yet. The World Health Organisation also says that vaccines for pneumonia cannot cure covid-19.

Myth 5: Flu And Coronavirus Are Similar

The UNICEF says the virus is not the same as the flu. The organisation goes on to say that the two illnesses are caused by two different viruses. Flu vaccine has no impact on coronavirus.


So ladies and gentlemen check the validity of the news you make contact with in terms of the Coronavirus. Don’t spread fake news!

by Alexandra Ramaite