20 South Africans Share Stories Of Their Worst Dates Ever

20 South Africans Share Stories Of Their Worst Dates Ever in a series of confessions below

1. We went to town at Galaxy Bingo?yoh it was my first time?he told me tah two people are not allowed to get in only one person at a time..he opened the door and went inside?it was my turn yohh? instead of pulling the door ii pushed it??ii couldn’t see inside buh those who were inside were able to see those who were outside ?he then came out and insulted me tah i embarrassed him??i told him to go an eat somewhere then we went to wimpy??i was crying and eating at the same time?he insulted me badly

2.Yoooh i was looking forward to the date i spent 3months saving for it…so the day finally arrived and the plan was will do movies then go eat afterwards….we did movies eeh when we were supposed to go eat u girl picked this restaurant yabelungu????the only black people bebalapha had money and their kids spoke english…anyways mina i had planned to spend R700 kuphela on that day and the rest do shopping since we were at the mall eeh wavele wa order u girl nam nga order singaka bheki ama price???shuuu masceda ukudla i assumed maybe boma R250 loka kudla masek’mele ngibhadele yooo R650 shuuuuu ngavele ngafuna ukukhala ????anyways i paid and suffered a minor heart attack and kiddingly told her i didn’t have taxi money to go home the bitch wathi she only had hers so what am going to do?????….i took the rest of my money bought my self clothes while she looked at what she liked…when we got to the taxi i payed for myself wahlahla amehlo????

3.Last year november I went on a date with this girl I met here on Facebook I couldn’t sleep day before the actual day chatting all night in love ,next morning picked my best outfits ,my best cologne I made sure that when I get there I be at my best then I drove to town at eastgate where we supposed to eat before a movie cos I already got the ticket ,then when I got there boom its my female friend??? catfish I’m still beyond repairs and recovering

4.So she invited me to eat her son’s left overs at spur and I had to pay for her meal and her son’s on her son’s birthday ?….I didn’t even want sex that night

5.He was wearing formal and I dressed like ipantsula?? he asked me to order which I did, he said he won’t order anything, he just wants to watch me eat … I felt like a homeless girl who was bought food

6.Yhoo I once dated a young blood chick in 2003 I think she was 16yrs back then and my grootman went to overseas trip and left me with his flat at the suburb uyabazi ke abantwana base kasi ngo jwayela, she didn’t want to go back home and I heard that ndiya funwa ngu Tata wakhe, that was my worst date ever lol

7.First time arriving in jhb 2013 from ezilalini unkabi khaya ndiphiwe R3000, for food and Room elokishini. remember akho restaurants pha ezilalini, you don’t go to dates ntoni ntoni, so I meet this girl who like things athi we must go for date, saya pha we order drinks ?, food kwamand xa kubhatalwa bill ithi R800, remember besipha the whole day, naku khupha eyam half yam R400 athi no bhuti bhatala, yerr ndabila fast I wanted to go home ndayonyanya igoli ngekayenzi bendiyizele

8.I was on a date with a friend of mine phof ndabe ndixelele uBae(ex) that I can’t come to his house because I’m dealing with a family matter at home. Ndathi kusemnandi ePlaza waske wathi gqi umntwam ehamba neentwana zakhe, ndihamba nalomfana???and the worst thing I did at that point was ukugontsha ingathi ndingene late ecaweni ???ndabhaqwa phof wadlula umntwam ndashiyeka ndichaza kulo ukuba yintoni le bendiyenza??

9.It was in 2015 ndiqala ukhupha umntu ngemali yam , I asked my girl if I should take her out . Mind you, ndiyayiqala yonke lento ndisuka ezilalini qha ndibethwa yi Peer pressure ? Okay ndathi makakhethe bana ufuna ndimse phi , she replied kwa Spurs ! ndiyaqala uya pha naye uyaqala .
To put the whole story in a nutshell , saphuma pha sitye nje i Starters se R74 which is Amaphiko ayi 4?
ndandingayazi bana ku expensive and nam ndingazange nda spend(a) imali engako ekutyeni qha sogqiba wandilahla u Sisi wase Kapa ?

10.We met on a taxi we were chatting and he said we will continue with our talk on whatsapp then after 5 months he said we must go on a date…I agreed and I was starting to fall inlove with the guy coz he was good looking and talkative…ok safika restaurant saOrder ukutya and wathi yena ufuna amanzi not juice and I was like why water??the waiter arrived with our drinks and into eyenziwa ngumfana he took out iFalse teeth zakhe wazifaka kula manzi yhuu andonyanya that was a big turn off??after that I avoided him ngeke

11.I invited the girl in my home (was home alone) Cooked delicious meal we ate and everything was okay, then the time for umndavazo lafika?? We went to the bedroom and she just opened the door for herself and undressed quickly that moment I’m standing in the door, Guess what she did, sge just jumped to the bed and waited for me with a doggy style, it was see me now see me no more✊

12.i found him here on fb he gave me R1 n R5 (thats R6) for taxi fare infront of phamb kwabantu in a taxi rank and he didnt care,the way i was so shocked i took it with a smile????

13.First time going to a “Fancy Restaurant” Dzaddzy took me to a fancy restaurant back in 2014 and I didn’t know jackshit on the menu ? I had to google the stuff and look at pictures, that took time cause the Waiter wanted to serve us and I was not about to be on my phone for next hour? I ordered this other food I didn’t know how to pronounce, saw it had pork online and yhoooooooo it was super hot ??? I literally had to ask for water cause it was too much I was so embarrassed and Daddy asked me to order something else, I ended up not eating

14. The guy wanted to have sex with me on our first date…to think am abt to get laid for chicklicken ya R36✋ and blue ribbon? i couldnt wait to get home…an block him

15.Me And This Guy We Had Arranged Ukuba sizoya at Fire And Ice Resturant ESandton But On The Day Of The Date uGuy Told Me That Yena He Was Sick So I Should Come To Him, I Went To His House … Guy Looked Hella Fine? I Was Expecting Him To Cook Or We Were Gonna Add In Iyuuuh uGuy Made Noodles For Me, After That He Wanted Us To “Make Love.”

16.It was 2yrs ago, I met this pretty girl at first she flirted with me and I was kinda convinced she was into me. So I asked her out.On the D day, the traffic was bad I was actually 10mins late, so she called earlier on to order something for herself so I gave her a go ahead.. On getting to the place, I saw her and two of her friends on a filled table ?..And I was like “damn, I didn’t plan for all this”.. After joining them, I left to use the restroom called one of my homie, a Police Officer, and we made some arrangement. 15mins later my homie showed up with his guys and I was falsely arrested. Up till now, I don’t know how the babe and her friends cleared the bills..

17.Shame poor guy couldn’t even order anything cos I was going on and on about how nice the place n food was. Long story short he said I can order anything yena uhluthi that was 2012. Only to found our after 2 weeks ukuthi he has never been in a restaurant before in his life

18.It was in 2017 with a white girl I meet at a hotel at Coffebay,we hit it off like house on fire.After a nice flowing conversation we decided to have a picnic the following day on top of the mountain that has sick sea views,she had everything palatable there from strawberries to weird exotic creams..to cut story short I puked in the middle of a date,I don’t know whether t was food or the fact that we were eating at a dangerous place..never been embarrassed in my whole life.

19.We met on Facebook so we agreed that I will find him at his place then we will go to town for a lunch date. He even said that I shouldn’t worry about the return transport because he had everything covered. I had to make sure that I look beautiful because I didn’t want to disappoint him,so when I was about to get off a taxi,I texted and he told me that I will see him once I get off. Nkosi yaam,the guy looked nothing like the person on the pic,I couldn’t even give him a hug nor a kiss. So he refused to give me a return money too so I had to lie to the taxi driver n told him that I was robbed and those people took everything. That plan worked out perfectly fine but then I hate blind dates

20.Went to this Restaurant with this white guy in P.E at Boardwalk everythin was soo nice sooo fancy then we got our menu the guy orderd i keept staring at the menu was like WTF those words were new in my ears on that menu i acted sooo cool nd finaly ordered cant evenremember wht it was but it was sea food nd it looked raw my eyes wre like? i kept on drinkin my juice playin with the food kant the guy noticed i was sooooo embarrassed Colin just laughed nd said next time i should just order wht i knw only did he knew tht i just wanted to impress him