20 South African Women Who Share Their Experiences Asking Men Out

20 South African Women Who Share Their Experiences Asking Men Out

20 South African Women Who Share Their Experiences Asking Men Out in a series of confessions below

1.I have. In February . I hit him up on some hey do you wanna go dinner and maybe afterwards you know clap these cheeks ?he laughed and said yes ?. Happy to say he’s still clapping these cheeks honey

2.Ewe I was in grade 10 and shoot my shot komnye umfana kwa grade 12 and his reply was “umncinci asizukwaz” and I didn’t blame him cause I looked young but I was 17 and I still look young mhlawumbi ke he meant I’m too young for things he’d do to me xa ndandizcingela I felt like saying “try me if ndimncinci nyan siyayeka” , I was so disappointed shame cause I really liked him

3.I have, we are together now, started as a joke on Fb, then to the inbox and now we are together and happy ? I am not saying ayizophela but sihappy wethu

4. I actually have, this year on my crush (celebrity) we liked each other but y’all know crushes don’t last ?? so we just stopped talking. I’m never shooting my shot again

5. My first time commenting in this group….And yeah i have,back in high school,we were both in the same class and,i actually added my contact numbers on his phone and on his mxit.Told him how i felt.Long story short we were together for almost 7 years until long distance happend

6.I did on Twitter, the nigga told me he doesn’t date girls who shoot shots and that who knows how many guys I did that with. Funny thing he’s the first guy.

7.ooh this reminds me of anathi’s show on Yfm … This one lady called and asked them to help her shoot her shot??…they called the guy and told him some1 wanted to tell him something…hehehe!???u girl took a shot u guy wathi : chaa!!(nooo!)…u girl kept on shooting…the guy got so frustrated ended up saying shit like “sis needs to know that in life the are things she won’t have and I’m one of them”…. It was that day i decided to love my crush from a distance

8.I have shot my shoot to my crush too last year, we first met on February, then around June told him that I am crushing on him Kant naye it’s the same thing qha ebesoyika ba uzondixelela njan, long story short…nangoku sisaphusha into yethu

9.Yes???we lasted about a year unfortunately i had to move to another city but that did stop us wa Travelisha moghel for the deeds because ubhuti was A package

10. Ihave surprisingly he is the father of my son whose turning 1year on may …bt though it was worth it

11.I did hey it failed dismally he told me im not his type back in high school. After some years he resurfaced telling me lets try i rejected it yerrr

12.I crushed on a guy for a whole 10 months I only told him how I felt cause I knew I would never see him again he said “Ncoow that’s really Cute Thanks” long story short we friends on social media

13.Whoo now i feel old. I shoot my shot when it wasnt evwn popular to do so… Back in 2008. Matric. It was just after final exams and my friends and i headed to the liquour store. Qhamuki yani umfana with gorge white teeth?. I wasnt leaving the store until i got his number. I said hi to him first and asked for his number?. He didnt refuse. We hooked up later that night and lets just say, we lived perfectly ever after. We had a daughter 2010 and got married 2014. N.B ladies please shoot them shots??

14. I have and the guy said he has caught feelings and shit and he wants to take me out on a date after the lockdown

15.Yes I did this year. ?? The guy responded with a positive answer yenzeka kesana we met, we fucked not once not twice. Kwase kwafiks coco kodwa we are communicating very well

16.I have ?? ndaqala ngo foun’a nge nightshift ?? back in the day mntase
So obviously sizo flirt because it’s those late night conversations then I told him I have a crush and it’s him??? ok ok fast forward we still at it

17.Yes ??2017 I was single & horny mtase qhaa loguy bheka didiza so we had lunch and talked how shocked he was when I shot my shoot okay so on I decided we should go to his house ngoba he was a hottie I couldn’t wait any longer xhaa sifika endlini nqamuthi lap dance nyana when I was about to give him head phaya enzanzi ndathi gqi ngetweNcane turn off completely mainly because I was used to umlakalaka so ayy soze ndiphinde umuntu wam umandi gqithi??

18.I did back in high school 2008 we were in the same class and he had a girlfriend but i didn’t even notice the girl i wrote him a letter and he told me “i can’t i have a girlfriend ” my ego got bruised but a year later when i was involved he wanted me and i didn’t hesitate i said yes then and there ,it was all perfect until distance got in the way and things got complicated but he’ll always be my true love

19.lol. Not really but i had a crush on this guy and my friends told me his facebook name . I searched for him on facebook and it was him i sent him a text saying “hey☺” , he replied . Luckily he was also havinh a crush on me . We dated and lasted fkr close to 3 years

20.I’ve been a recipient of wrong pursuits?. The first one happened 8 years ago in Mthatha this married woman old enough to be my mother told me how she wanted me to give it to her because she was s#x starved by her hubby I ran for my life??. The second encounter here in KZN this one was kinda challenging because umadam was a young, beautiful and sexy indian woman but she was also married and for that fact I told her I would never touch her I don’t do married women. It was a hassle for me because she was my colleague too so we were seeing each other everyday at work she was so determined to get what she wanted she tried every trick you can think for more than 2 years with no luck until she finally left work for a better opportunity in private sector, what a huge relief it was for me