20 SA Women Shares How They Revenged Cheating Partners

15 South African Women Who Have Cheated On Their Partners Explain Why

20 SA Women Shares How They Revenged Cheating Partners in detailed confessions below! Let us know what are your thoughts

1. I called MTN & blocked his number ndathi his phone ibiwe then immediately bought a new sim card ndenza Sim Swap ngale Number yakhe ndayisebenzisa for a week, receiving his calls namancinzo ethukisa

2.I poured his bed with water, broke all his bank cards, ndamanzisa zonke izihlangu zakhe ndagoduka neempahla zakhe zonke ndingasasindwa mntakabawo, ndatshayisisa imoto yakhe broke all the windows endlini ndashiya ndichithe amanzi kwindlu yonke.

3.I found him in bed with someone else, he lied endijonge emehlweni I couldn’t control my anger I stabbed him luckily he survived saqhubeleka sijola

4.Weeeeee????saxabanaa ebsuku ndaphuma ndisithi ndiyagoduka cudnt get metre taxi went back to the house ndafika esinekile ndayokha amanzi ebathroom wathi esajampa ebhedini ndabe sendiwathelile kuye esqwini lucky waseyisukile ebhedini

5.Hacked his whatsapp at night while he was drunk n sleep. So i made his dp our picture so that the sidechicks text me fast. N well they did??. N even in the morning while we were busy cleaning i was chatting with them as their bf.
N the time he realised he pretended to b nt angry as he was denying to be cheating with them.

6.He tagged another chick on his wall and wrote “I’ll cross oceans for you and mentioned her name after that”… I texted him on WhatsApp with the screenshot of that shit he posted. He called immediately and said it’s nothing… I reported his Facebook account(twas blocked for a week). When I woke up the following day I was still angry, so I went to his place(have keys to his apartment), turned on the shower, switched off the fridge and left there without closing the door. He was at work the whole day..

7. Torn his clothes,learners,ID, bank cards and ndenza phone yakhe izi piece piece

8.We were at grove he took my phone and I stabbed him on his neck with a bottle n told him to give me my phone coz bekangafuni kunginika n he ended up in hospital kodwa i didn’t get my phone which it only had 2 days???we broke up kodwa

9.Poured dirty water with pee on his bed a week ago? ndithetha nawe nje ndilele phezu kwalibhedi ngoku??

10.Poured curry powder ,bleach, cooking oil nd hot water in a bucket nd put his shirts there nd left de room

11.Ndamvuthulula nge cingo ndamsika ndamkrazula ingalo ezi… poured paint on everything asendlini yakhe TV,laptop,clothes I mean everything.we still together ke phof and very much in love

12.I mixed his groceries with cleaning detergents after he attempted to lay his filthy hands on me, then I called the feds on his ass as he wouldn’t allow me to go home

13. When he expected me to be angry n all I laughed so hard he even got confused thought I laughing because of his penis or something but I was laughing ngoba he tried all means to cover up his lies but it didn’t work long story short we broke up after that

14. texted him around 11pm, found my text message the next morning where I dumped him wavele wahlanya, he couldn’t work on that day and lowo mzuzu I wasn’t picking up his calls. It worked because manje I’m Juliette to my Romeo

15.just imagine when both of them are ur childrens mother ,new one cought me right handed in bed with the other mother early morning where i was renting,magine the noise,she broke the other ones windscreen and bust tyres couldnt believe,i ask her to cam down coz shes also the mom of my first born was murtu babalaz the morning

16.Held a hot iron box over him as he was blacked out and been thoroughly tempted to just slap a nigga across the face… with the iron

17.Washed his Identity document with his laundry on purpose and burned his mirror case ,he’s my one and only nangoku

18.Tore up main girlfriends clothes coz she came 1 weekend and took my pair of jeans that I HONESTLY forgot at his place, I was soooo mad coz he kept on lying whenever I asked him about mine, He will just have to sort it out whenever she comes again.

19.She found me with my side chick sleeping in the morning then coursed alot of drama I manage to let the side chick escape then she wanted to sleep in my backroom I called my mom and told her she doesn’t wanna go to her place my mom doesn’t take any shit and told her the way to get off her premises

20. I threw his phone on freeway…. And on one occasion ngavulela amanzi kubhavu with his phone inside