20 SA Women Share Why They Stopped Enjoying Sex Anymore

20 SA Women Share Why They Stopped Enjoying Sex Anymore in a series of confessions below

1. That happened when I found out that he’s cheating so everything was not the same I couldn’t feel him when he touches kissing me my feelings fade away because I will ask my self that what he is doing to me is doing it to someone else so I leave

2. When I get to the state of no longer feeling sex wth my bf it’s bcz of the dissapointments such as cheating , ,lies and not being able to make time for us and sacrifices so I end up loosing interest

3.I honestly think that happens when you fall out of love. Been there. ? whenever I had sex, I had to force myself. It really doesn’t get better, no matter how drunk you are. You never get turned on. And it’s really not because the guy doesn’t do you right, it’s just that you are so fed up and it’s really time to let go

4.I had to let go of the guy bcz shame he ended up believing that I’m not into sex. Jonga I couldn’t even get wet kumntanabantu,i thought I had a problem until I tried someone else. It’s when kengk I’ve decided not to keep him.

5.This happened to me on my last trimester. I wanted nothing to do with sex but my boyfriend loooved it. We were in love and everything but I just wasn’t in the mood for sex at all. I would enjoy sex xasele sisenza but I just had no desire for it (idk if I’m making sense). But things went back to normal after birth so I just concluded that it was just my hormones messing with my sex life.

6.It happens when you fall out of Love I once went through that phase with bae broke up with him it got so bad that I didn’t want any male touching me it was so uncomfortable

7. Yes multiples times and through being hurt left ,right and center i just felt cold towards the person and all the feelings i had for him just vanish

8.He used to beat me up…so I think I was falling out of love?

9.Wen a person has hurt u so much that u CNT stand him even if he kisses me or touching me I feel like he is raping me lapho uthando seliphelile and no matter how hard I try I cnt focus on the sex kubuya everything he did to me

10.When your partner is not even serious about the so called relationship, and you are the only one making sacrifice just so the relationship could stand , you will definately get tired of having sex with your spous

11.Mina i think ngumjovo woku prevent ondenza njalo yooo i hate everything kuthintwa ayike kwathiwa sex kuvele kuthi andilile i round e yodwa iyinkinga nje kumina

12. I remember dating uSugar mama thinking that her husband had died only to find out tht he was alive in Sudan. He was an army Lieutenant and I was told Aftr I had moved in with her, For the whole week I forced meself ukuthi ifikhe I monthnd angiphimali nihambe, Mind u I was in schools with bills to pay

13.It happened to me when he started cheating with different girls. It was hectic, I’d catch him force him to stop that affair and he would start another one ?‍♀️. He was out of control drinking heavily, cheating non-stop and even tell me how annoying I am sometimes ?. My dear I’d cry everytime we had sex cos I knew deep down that the guy is tired of me but I was forcing myself into him still.
I became church addict started praying for him and grown spiritually. Then God revealed to me that was not him but demonic spirit trying to distroy his future. So I fought it spiritually and defeated. Then after everything went back to normal, I even regained feelings for him.

14. Guy once forced himself on me , I was sick on that day (periods ) he knew..I haven’t been normal since then …I no longer have the urge for sex , no longer excites me ..its now about him ..
Even when we have it , after the deed I dont want him to touch me or cuddle, it irritates me..sex nolonger means anything to me …I even think am better off without it

15. It happened/happening because some guy broke my heart so i just started having this hate and i didn’t enjoy sex anymore.I tried.My recent relationships didn’t work out because of that.I literally lost people who loved me because i didn’t feel anything.Moving on isn’t working out for me like i thought it would.I hope it will get better with time tho

16.My recent ex whom I still love by the way, said some stuff that really broke my heart…. From that day my pussy stopped getting wet for him the way it usually did, I just stopped enjoying him sexually and that led to me recenting him and we ended up not working out ?…. Well I guess the universe was giving me a message…. And my body reciprocated…

17.Omw I thought I was sick or lacked a chemical in my brain that stimulates my sexual drive, I literally have nooo desire in having sex like in the past I was always craving for it but now it can miss me I never knew or understood why but now I do I was really hurt by someone I truely loved ? after accepting that he doesn’t feel the same way about me no matter what I did?… I just stopped feeling emotionally and sexually connected to people (males) I miss the feeling ?

18. I don’t enjoy sex with my boyfriend,even when he touches or kiss me i don’t feel anything ?? he was a lier & cheater but now he changed because I wanted to end things but I think it’s too late cz I don’t love him anymore…. Ke tshaba go mohlala because he loves me n he changed just to be with me ,,… I hate him even when he breath he irritate me ?

19. I always thought something was wrong with me, even opted to go to a gynae kanti no it was time to let go and I was just in denial ?? Couldn’t even kiss the guy, a kiss? I felt disgusted?

20. I be try as hell…when you’ve stopped loving a man as a lady it’s rare to enjoy having sex with him….u be like “o fetsa leng mara oo????”