20 SA Women Share Their Thoughts On Whether Size Matters

20 SA Women Share Their Thoughts On Whether Size Matters

20 SA Women Share Their Thoughts On Whether Size Matters in detailed confessions below

1. Yho it does matter, I can’t stand idick oyivayo nje ukuba ifike kwi osolfogus ne self esteem

2. It does, I once dated a guy with a big one yhuuu hay ndamyeka ndisamthanda

3. Yhoo it does matter bethuna I once dumped a Zulu guy yhoo yayingakanani noba ndinxilile yayndbetha ndibe sobar hay ndathi I can’t do this anymore

4. It does I once dated a nigga with a big dick and we would only do one round than it would be game over for me
Yhuuu ha.a I can’t deal ..I prefer a small dick but not small small small

5. And unfortunately we don’t even know if we are really gifted or not, coz when the relationship is new, our s are big but gets smaller with time and once we are over its small, can you guys be honest Mara?

6. I really don’t enjoy nge d enkulu cervix yam ekfitshane so I love my ntotonyana not so small though ibe right nje indiphe space sam ndi move nam hau

7.It doesn’t matter, big or small as long as you know how to use it. We Fine

8. Size doesn’t matter if one knows his d and what they can do with it because there are styles for different d… It all lies in knowlege

9.Size doesn’t really matter… What the actual matter is whether he can use the D or not

10.No no it really doesnt matter trust me.The dick can be big but ingawenzi umsebenzi🙄then you get lil dicky damn igudle iBhayi nezphaluka ipitshana bbe

11. Baby it was too big mntkbw that qho xasgqibo haver I would spot💉on shits. Yey xandfika endlin andkwaz nocwanya my punani is swollen nkqu ne lips ezi dumbe ngathi tyiwe ziinyosi but naxasele incinci ingabiluzwane Bethuna cause I have a big booty so it might swallow it gqiba ndithi ndifonyoziwe. Size does matter Mntase

12.Hai hai it does matter….ever tried to woman on top with. Small Doo Doo haowa

13.it does matter babe, I once tried woman on top ka a 330ml d yooooooh girl 🤣🤣🤣 i could barely get it in because it kept slipping out 🤣🤣 I just started laughing and wore my clothes ndahamba..

14.For me it doesn’t matter but lwena skatla ka extra small

15. Yho I once dated a guy with the smallest dick ever. Umqala we soup pack 🙄.Asoze ndiphinde!

16. I prefer small, so yeah maybe it matters cause I ain’t sleeping with a man ene big d. Hay kabi

17. Yoooh size does Matter.. Once dated a guy who had a tiny d.. Even the bj was a mission