20 SA Women & Men Share Stories About Getting Caught Cheating

20 SA Women & Men Share Stories About Getting Caught Cheating

20 SA Women & Men Share Stories About Getting Caught Cheating and how they reacted to it in a series of confessions below.

1. I met this guy in town emtata and we exchanged numbers ok we chat on WhatsApp kanti on the day that I met him he was going back to jhb so two weeks later he booked me a ticket to jhb the whore in me Yaya egoli imagine nyan ke nndifike on a Friday morning it was my first time egoli also in sandton fine Friday we went out saya Soweto then Saturday morning we went to nandos kanti his girlfriend’s friend works there ?yhoo when we got back nje five minutes later kwatsho knock lapho I was changing my outfit the guy opened wangena ugirl wabuza siya didn’t you say uya cpt?waphendula umntwakhe wathi as I had told you ndisekapa mna and have nothing to say to you.waphuma ebanda usis wabantu

2.So my brother brought this girl and kept her in the room for 2weeks?…so one afternoon i was chilling with my friends outside ekhaya when 3 cars and a quantum pulled over the cars were blocking the gate eeh????i thought naaah this mfs are lost and so my friend and i asked nicely what was up do they need help eeh guys people from Pretoria are dangerous shem????this one niggar was standing near the gate pulled my friend by the neck??and insisted i open the gate but chaaa mina i shouted and told my friend “mlume mngan!” Eeh wamluma daii mahn?????the nigga started kicking the gate they started shouting the community started showing up….i got this nyaopes cuz nigga pulled thru and started slapping people???till they ganged up on him and he ran away…i go to my brothers room and i tell him everything and I’m in tears from laughing eeh nigga gets dressed and goes to back of the house and jumps e back opposite and runs away????….eeh this lady comes out of the car and says she’s looking for her daughter i must tell my brother ukuthi “Uzonya today” eeh i go to my brother’s room i find u gal u relaxile on the bed i tell bruuuh yo family’s here eeh u girl jumped and asked me to hide her???…i told her chaaa gal hamb’ekhaya kini by the time i tried to go back outside them people had jumped over the wall?mina i showed them were their daughter was u gurl wasn’t there?????….guys this a long story…haii to be continued

3.We were cuddling ekseni ke ,yhooo yatsho iknock ,it was not even a knock more of like banging of the door and babes yathukisa I stood up wore his gown ndayohlala by the balcony and locked myself there
Wathukisa about me being umntana nton nton Bathukana nomntu wakhe and eventually wahamba nam ndabuyela eroomin and continued watching the series we were watching nendoda

4. I saw them together becosy. I then greeted ndabuza umfana ba kthen engaphenduli phone,wathi because he was busy. The chick asked him who I was yathi lanto “This is Sive, Sive this is my girlfriend,the one I’ve been telling you about.” Yathi la cherry “Oh this is the chick you’ve been helping out with assignments” heeh ndayhleka kancinci coz wow sana…that time I’m wearing his jacket and cap. I felt so week ndazkhulula ndabanika and apologized for interfering ndahamba…
Week later ndabuyela?? I still hate that guy

5. He called esithi usendleleni esuka etown uzogqitha ngam…cwaka until i decided to call at 22:00. He said hes sleeping already, ok its fine, goodnyt i love u..cwaka, ndiyakthanda va, cwaka umntu. ok ndayaz mos sizunyelwa phi ndalanda ekhondweni ndafika. Kwathwa ” ndawphuma apha ndikukhabe unye”. I went home ?‍♀️. Lonto ndandinelishwa loba kungathathwa icala lam zange ndireceive nemsg endiqhathayo ndaske ndababona after 2 days bekhaphana emini ndisetaxin

6.So I was supposed to go home I told the guy no today am going home will come back tomorrow late then the later when I was about to take a taxi a demon inside me said no you can’t go back you will see them tomorrow I went back and told u guy no will go tomorrow kanti u girl is in a taxi coming guy went outside for 15 min then came inside with the girl telling me a lame story forgetting that am a Xhosa girl so he told me that this girl came to his friend but his friend has a main chick so let’s allow her to sleep in the couch ok girl you can sleep Yey around 11pm my demon said Ai no hack his whatsapp I did Jesus they dating I keep quite I waited for 00:00 I wake them up and I said out side both of you they went outside I splash them with water then I said you will sleep outside went inside and I sleep peacefully until the morning he’s an ex now

7.I was dating with this guy apha ezilalini so on the 19 May 2019 there was a tournament (yayazi ke ezilalini they love soccer, netball zonke wethu). There’s this girl endandimkrokrela ke so I told him that angam Hug(I) hai he told me that soze ndingam hug(i) mna he did that. Later me and my friends sayonxila, ndabuva utywala busitsho ndehla ndaya kulo Bae xa ndifika ? ebe cosy ebed(ini) with this girl, I was angry and he kicked my ass Wandibetha ndanya washiyeka with this girl ? ngengomso he apologized ndamxolela sathandana ?.
Second one?? I was with my other side boyfriend when my Boyfriend came to his room wakhaba ucango lophuka .. I left them fighting ndagoduka???

8.My then boyfriend asked his cousin to come fetch me since wayezobuya late and told me to wait in his room,I did so till 11pm i fell asleep.Around 2am wafika and he came in to his room took a towel and his pajamas,went to his brothers room with the girl.Me being me ke I knocked asked him ba andikhapha,long story short waphela elala NAM EKHAYA

9.You know izinto zase res ke… so it was around 8 he went to my room wathi masiye kweyakhe so we went to his room after few minutes sifikile wathi usayo sela i was okay with it wabuya around 3 seyi hamba nenye i girl casba uyiwinile pha sbwl u mention azoqibezela istory

10.This year 31 January . I’ll never forget the date . we were going thru a rough patch but I thought mxn ugh let me give him space iyho I’m standing with a friend by his street that Friday afternoon when his ex passes us with and greets us with so much pride hehe MO girl went to him they hugged. and they passed us I got so angry I pulled him to the side and confronted him he was so cold like wtf they went to get food . spent the entire weekend together and then mo girl left nigga was back -_- acting like nothing happened. hehe

11.Girl last year neh from Qumbu back to Dutywa then i passed kwa Ace then I got I girl i meet on Friday which is last day as it is Saturday.. Then I took her where I stay then we spent the night right, morning I had I knock as am having I girlfriend here in this kasi and since I’ve been ignoring her calls and i even hide the car am driving since I said to her am not coming back e dutywa am going home emtata hey if uve ngabani uba ndikona andazi ok fine ndavula hey yalile le ntombi loo wakwa Ace ubusy kupha mehlo telling me hey tell you girlfriend ayeke u tefa wena hey uyarasa I was like fuck what am going to do ok fine wena wakwa Ace goduka wala wathi ndimse nge moto, u Sis wala yena uyala wa thatha key ye moto uyalwa yathukisa yonke lonto hey it was hectic imbatyo yenza ncinci ingqondo.. Size ndiphinde I hurt that hairy girl NGO chery we weave wakwa Ace.

12.Weeh so I pulled up to his work place with food to surprise him was in the car in the parking lot at his work place when I called him to tell him I’ll see him at lunch time which was like in ten + minutes time he replied with that I shouldn’t bother he can’t he’s got back to back meetings and I left it like that I didn’t tell him I was already there so I’m still in the car and as I start eating a burger nyi nyi nagu ehamb nosisi lapho I recognised her she works in the same company just different branches and she’s married I just assumed they are going to pick up food and go back to work Nope they got into a car and drove off and yes I followed them to a park hayi ke twas the Titanic scene with Jack and Rose in the car misty Windows and all ?? saw him the next day acting like nothing happened dumped his ass and yess I took pictures of them and sent it to the husband ?? felt better after doing that

13.They caught her with me… I was the side dude, but the main brother was “weekend special”… I become her “Sunday night to Thursday nIght”??? I previously caught her on 3 occasions on the phone and I introduced myself to the other brother. One Saturday the sister comes to spend time at my place and I was like ” TOnight I’m smashing all night hunny…”??? The brother called, she answered, we had a fight about the call cz she lied about the dude and lied about who he is… I was mad… The brother, while she was on the phone I made noise… The brother was like “I can hear you are with a guy there… Are they Fucking you?(Ba ya o kota daar, ke ya utlwa mjita eo o buwa marete daar???”I took a break and left my house, sister followed me but didn’t Anna go home. She pulls up, holding me and all the funny things. I wAlk to my house and we chill with the short sister… ???around 7pm we start talking and we initiate actions leading t the deed. Sister had a pink jumpsuit on… I wannet to rip it open but I kept saying, take it slow…! Booooooooooom, call comes in, main nigga is pulling through but he keep getting lost. He got the roommate and that bitch(God forgive me) led her straight to my place.. He calls using roommates phone and says “I’m at the gate, come out!”?????? I walk sis out and we get to the gate I unlock and get out????????? Brother almost gave me heart attack cz I saw the dude in the guy duck down as If to pick something… I wasn’t losing my life over a woman????I lock my gate and ran to my house to laugh out loud… Sister came through following day to explain herself??? oh and to say happy birthday??? I was nuts! I went bananas, I was crazy… I wanted to slapped the “WIG” off her head I just threw her out. She left like my house looking like a wet dog with it’s tail between it’s legs.
This story kills me????… You should have seen her aggression when I opened the gate???You can see she wasn’t choosing me over that guy, the attitude

14.I found them inside our house nd he told me he loves us both akanyi perhaps

15.My then boyfriend asked his cousin to come fetch me since wayezobuya late and told me to wait in his room,I did so till 11pm i fell asleep.Around 2am wafika and he came in to his room took a towel and his pajamas,went to his brothers room with the girl.Me being me ke I knocked asked him ba andikhapha,long story short waphela elala NAM EKHAYA