19 People arrested in Mangaung for violence and looting

19 People arrested in Mangaung for violence and looting

As from yesterday evening the police who were deployed around Mangaung, worked around the clock to attend to incidences whereby foreign nationals shops were looted. As up to this morning, not less than 13 shops were reported to have been looted. Since the beginning of shutdown disruptive actions, about 19 people were arrested for public violence and the looting which took place at these shops and more arrests are expected. The suspects are expected to appear in court tomorrow, 19 May 2021.

There are still police deployments in the areas of Mangaung and Botshabelo.

A 57-year-old security guard who was arrested following the shooting of a teenage boy during violent shutdown protests is expected to appear in the Bloemfontein magistrate court on Wednesday, 19 May 2021. This is after allegations of a group of protesters who went to attack a Warehouse in Dr Belcher road, Bloemfontein.

In another incident where a 41-year-old complainant who is also a manager of Mangaung Metro Solid Waste, was driving his white BMW on MacKenzie Street in Heidedal on the way to work when he was stopped by a Silver Isuzu Bakkie.

Three males from the Bakkie approached him and one pointed him with a firearm and instructed him to get out of the vehicle. They then drove away in his BMW and after a few minutes the vehicle was recovered burnt at MacKenzie streets. A case of hijacking was registered for further investigation, and there are no arrests in this case up to this far.

The situation is still tense and police deployments were beefed up to make sure that we bring calmness into the area.

Appeal is made to the community to refrain from looting the shops and any act of public violence, as they will face the full might of the law.