15 South African Women Who Have Cheated On Their Partners Explain Why

15 South African Women Who Have Cheated On Their Partners Explain Why

15 South African Women Who Have Cheated On Their Partners Explain Why in details confessions below

1.MNA I don’t think cheating means you don’t love a person or you love them less, and it certainly dont mean they lack something or bayabanda MNA I’ve cheated on my boyfriend several times but trust me I love him so much.. Basically cheating to me is just having fun on the side or seeking attention but ke you know sometimes we cheat for extra money mntase

2.Bubufebe qha Mamqwathi ayikho enye. Bubufebe from both genders. Selfishness. Kukungakhathaleli omnye umntu. Where it baffles me is when one gender complains that the gender used them, as if yena ebengazimiselanga kum user. But at the end of the day, it’s lack of respect for your partner, your relationship, I can’t say for yourself because umntu wenza into ayithandayo ngomzimba wakhe. I strongly believe that if besinganyolukanga singabantu, both genders; there wouldn’t be cheating. If we’d just be content and satisfied with what we have nje qha. But you have something good but you want more, even when you get that more, you still want more yet you have something good at home. Next thing you’re bringing home to your family unnecessary drama, unnecessary sicknesses, 3 wheels to relationships, disrespect to your partner your family and your relationship because kaloku baya thanda ukuziveza abanontshwaxa kufetywa nabo. So that’s my personal opinion. Kukungoneli yile unayo into, Bubufebe nje qha Dikela.

3.I only cheated on my ex because he was a control freak 🙅🙌so I was unhappy, I’d go to this guy and have sex with him then came back happy.

4.I cheated on him because he was always accusing me of cheating on him so ungumSotho xafanele andibheje athi “Maxhosa arata tshelete” kodwa ebefuna unditya every weekend ndaqonda ukuba unyile uMotase anodlalwa ngumsotho ndijongile ndam cheatele wandi baqa naye wa’cheater yaba ngum’cheatelwano then I decided to end the relationship

5.amadoda andiwathatheli entloko mna Zee; that’s why I cheat … simple as that … I use them for sex nje ne mali… andinaxesha la laGender mna

6.I know this is probably not related but I can’t cheat I would probably come clean to whoever, so I break up with the person bese I move on.

7.Ok I’m not trying to defend my cheating but the guy that I was cheating with, he was so crazy in bed I mean romantically sexually crazy and he liked to try new things. So I didn’t have a choice but to walk away from a 3 years relationship cz the nigga got me sexually,his sexting game was on another level😜😜😝😝😌😌 so I had to travel from Lesotho to Jo’burg just for him

8.I really cant cheat I’m so open💔😢 no matter what i do I’ll always tell my Boyfriend… i once slept with my side nigga because i was drunk and after the deed i called and confessed while crying

9.To many of us we just cheat for no reason you see a chick then you aproach her and it doesnt feel like cheating, you realise its cheating after bieng caught then u say “damn i really cheated on her”

10.Someone very close to me passed away and I told my boo I was mourning so I am not supposed to be doing it. But then it was too much to handle and so I had a nigga on the side who’d get me weak all the time because he was so good at what he does. He’d do what he said he would, who doesn’t want a nigga like that?? I mean, he was a whole package. So I knew that if I gave him a call he’d come and I did. So I was doing it with him while this whole time my boyfriend was waiting for me to say I am ready to do it again. And seriously my only reason was, moshemane eo u na le monate hofeta boyfriend ya teng

11. I cheat when you doesn’t kiss me the way I want.. cos will make me not to feel you😀nd also when you are the only one talking..not giving me a chance to talk✋ I come with a topic and snatched it as if it’s yours 🤷In short tht person bores me so I’ll have to find another guy

12.I cheated because the guy was full of himself 🤤he wannet to control me🤤and nea sa beche

13.Yhoo i cheated on my boyfriend twice with the same guy idk whyyyyyy and everytime after i cheated i would tell him then apologise😭🤣…..yho i cant do something to someone bese ngiya kuye and pretend i’m not guilty i’ll tell you shame even if i steal something i will tell you I’m that weak

14.On my case,he cheated first so I didn’t dump him I did the same thing he did.I cheated too just to show him ukuba emjolwen aksika nyoko

15.To be honest I cheat bcoz i love sex too much, so for me im pushed yiLust to cheat……as from age of 15 ndiqala uba serious kwiRelationships zange ndajola na less than 3 girls.