12 SA Women Share Their Experiences On Dating A Ben 10

12 SA Women Share Their Experiences On Dating A Ben 10 in a series of confessions below!

1. My boyfriend is younger than me the age difference is 3 and we started dating last year during August, I wasn’t into him though ndandisithi we’re just playing or fooling around until I noticed that he really loves me and he’s wayy too matured and I developed to love him so so much, all I can say is I don’t feel embarrassed about anything, he fcks me good and treats me right and I’ve never been in such a healthy relationship as this one

2.I once dated one, he was treating me so well to point where i forgot gore he was younger than me

3.I have always been a Ben10 since in hightschool but i was a ben10 to this woman 5 years ago she was 17 years older. she was obsessed in me that she was giving me almost everything… after six month i took transfer from Kimberley Limpopo Polokwane and i ddnt tell her i runaway iyaaaa it was Tuesday by friday at 17: 23 she arrived at my work telling me we goin back to kimberley i said no… boom Monday i received papers from small claim court that i owe her R8000 that i was staying at her house for free???? but its fun dating older women and i still do date them and rich ones gues got lucky for them.

4.I was 24yrs, he was 20yrs. He was hot?. For me it was a normal relationship . Plus the guy was taller than me.

5.I’m 4 years older than him nd I wouldn’t trade anything for him his amazing in so many ways

6.Lol I was 3yrs older than him…lol, the relationship was fine…lol he was soo bosssy I would even forget that am older than him

7.Yes, 7 years younger than me, boy knew how to hit it.I even had to re-double check his ID,drivers license for his age. Now that’s a good dick right ther,its just felt so damn good.

8.My boyfriend is 2 years younger than me and in all honesty he is mature and its not easy to tell that I’m older than him. Ngathi sizintanga

9.I don’t necessarily call it dating…he was 3years younger than me and i’ve been lusting him for so long till one day we got drunk n ended up spending a night together after the drinks and he wasn’t the same meal I’ve been picturing all along…

10.I was two years older than him, swine locked me in akafuna ndihambe . I had to text a friend to call the cops kuze ndigoduke, ndaqonda soze ndiphinde

11.Ah dated a guy who was 2 years younger than me ? yhuuu…ubendisaba big time? for ini angazi cos I told him “ngimdala for wena. I doubt you will be able to handle me.” Wathini yena “nywe nywe …. I can handle you ukundlula intanga zakho”? mxm ikak yodwa.

12.Ngazi ama ben10 afuna rich women but I’m not but dated one for a year. He even lied to me said his ID was wrong home affairs error just to keep me calm I got spooked when he introduced me to the family. Phela now family started grilling with questions and his a kid he doesn’t know even when they mocking me.