10 things you dont know about Brooke Logan

Here are 10 things you should know about Brooke Logan from The Bold And The Beautiful

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  1. Katherine has been playing the Brooke character since 1987
  2. She was born and raised in Hollywood
  3. She will be turning 53 on July the 25th
  4. She has three children
  5. She is the daughter of Olympic ski-jumper Keithe R Wegeman and actress Judith Lang and the granddaughter of Oscar-winning cinematographer Charles Lang
  6. Lang has been married and divorced twice
  7. Lang’s first credit role was a movie called Skatetown, USA
  8. In 1985 Lang appeared in two music videos: Alabama’s There’s No Way (where she played the love interest of Alabama lead singer Randy Owen), and The Beach Boy Gotcha Back
  9. She appeared as her character, Brooke Logan on B&B’s sister show, The Young and the Restless in 1999. She interacted with Eric Braeden (Victor), Peter Bergman (Jack), and Eileen Davidson.
  10. In her career she has had over 22 nominations and has won 8 awards