10 SA Men Shares How They Revenged Cheating Partners

10 SA Men Shares How They Revenged Cheating Partners ! Check out what they had to say below!

1. I went to her place to spend a weekend that first night while she was out I found some evidence that Sis is creeping, so I kept quiet and we spent the whole weekend kumnandi, I left on Sunday and went to my place. On Monday when we met in school I would just greet and pass nje the whole day. The following day she asked what’s happening and I just told her ukuthi “you know what happening”, she tried everything to get me to tell her what happened and I didn’t, that time even my friends didn’t know, so everyone was so surprised coz we were fast no baby, she sent her friends, my friends, her brother to come and ask me and I told them to ask her because she knows. Wadliwa ngunembeza wanya nyi….later she passed aw

2.Broke her phones. Wayefeba ngazo

3. Being quiet for a week… Behaved like dumb… Just minding my biz even when she was around… I behaved as if there was no one around me

4.Ndamvuthulula nge cingo ndamsika ndamkrazula ingalo ezi… poured paint on everything asendlini yakhe TV,laptop,clothes I mean everything.we still together ke phof and very much in love

5. Well I hate being humiliated so one time I bought her and her friends alcohol and she humiliated me so out of anger I took each drink I poured it on the floor

6.Wabuyelana neEx yakhe ejola nam so I hit all of her 4 friends ?.. wandibhaqa xa ndikwitwin sister yakhe

7.Turned her On she was really wet she expected me to slide in. instead I took my shirt and zoom out of the hostel

8.Beat her and his side dude to a pulp

9.Smashed her face into a wall

10. I took back all my things