10 Must See Places In Durban

Durban is the land of beauty and lifestyle South Africa, the holiday city is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to be. There are some amazing places that are a must see in Durban. So if you ever visit the city make sure to check them out.

North Beach

The First stop of any person should always be the north beach, beautiful people warm water and a lot of sunlight will make you realise how amazing it is to be in beautiful Durban.

Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World

The amazing Suncoast Casino will have you feeling as if you are in Las Vegas, the light display alone will make you feel like today is your lucky day even if in the casino it clearly isn’t

uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine world is a beautiful aquatic park filled with the most diverse amount of sea creatures in the world. From sharks and dolphins to jellyfish and the rarest of fish, this park gives you a new understanding of water life, definitely, a must see in Durban with the kids.

Kings Park Stadium

This iconic rugby stadium is the home to South Africa’s most successful rugby club team of all time, the Sharks. A must see the attraction for all rugby fans this place has also hosted some of the most amazing and iconic rugby matches including the infamous 1995 rugby world cup semi final win for South Africa against France.

Mini Town

Mini Town is a small tourist attraction in which iconic buildings within Durban have been shrunk down for people to see. Largely entertaining especially for kids, it is one of Durban’s iconic beach front tourist attractions. This attraction can also help prepare you for the city before you see the city.


The Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts

The Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts is iconic for displaying truly authentic African culture. A place for artists to be inspired this museum will have you embracing the beautiful visionary work that Durban has to offer.

Moses Mabhida Stadium

The Moses Mabidhida stadium is an iconic monument that is accurate of Durban. This stadium is the most beautiful stadium in Africa, which is what Durban represents, amazing beauty. This stadium was built for the 2010 world cup and is definitely a must see for all people visiting Durban.

The Greyville Race court

An amazing race court for some high stakes horse racing this arena has been used to attract some of the biggest high rollers in South Africa. But has become more famous for hosting one of South Africa’s biggest festivals of the year the Durban July. The one time when all of the biggest artists head down to Durban for a showcase of all the best music being made within South Africa.

Mitchell Park Zoo

The home of many indigenous and exotic animals the Mitchell Park Zoo is a must see for the kids and wildlife enthusiasts who are visiting Durban.