10 Guys Share Their Experiences Dating Gold Diggers

10 Guys Share Their Experiences Dating Gold Diggers

There is nothing more disappointing like dating someone who is only after your bank balance or material benefits. In a world were materialism and social media flossing is the order of the day it’s very hard to find someone drawn to you for the right reasons. Below is a list of 10 guys who shared their experiencing dating gold diggers!

10 Guys Share Their Experiences Dating Gold Diggers

10 Guys Share Their Experiences Dating Gold Diggers

“Just recently actually, met a woman who was great. After a bit of time it became obvious she needed help with clothes, food, etc. So I got her a laptop since she had no car, to look for jobs online etc. Got her clothes, a phone etc. Got her internet/cable turned on at her house for her internet/tv etc. Turns out she does this ALL the time to guys she meets, gets them to take care of her for a bit/as much as they can. None of them usually fight back, but I did. Filed against her in small claims court for return of everything I bought her (I kept all the receipts for everything) and had some of her friends submit statements to the judge talking about her activities that were tired of her shit. Got EVERYTHING back, clothes, laptop, turned off internet/tv and got an order for her to repay everything. She tossed out her old clothes, has no phone, no internet, no tv, no computer and is about to be evicted. Tired of women playing games.”

“I’ve got a “friend” who was with this one guy that made a real decent amount of money. Married him, had a kid (18 years worth of an ATM). Anyway, she met another guy who made MORE money (something of a trust fund baby) so that she nor he ever have to work again. Of course she left guy number #1, got with guy #2, had two more kids, has all the money in the world, but asks the other guy for more (and more since you know…the kid (guy #1’s) is use to a certain type of lifestyle. And yeah that’s my story.”

“I was involved in a accident a few years ago. Tried to keep it to myself but word got around that I got a payout. Oddly enough I started getting more attention from women who before, would not even look at me. I am not really sure what they were expecting but when I flat out refused their advances they seemed very very shocked.”

“I met this gold digger chic online talked to her for about a month. She was a hot # 10 She had no job no car parents paying for her rent living with her roommate.Did everything for her she had asked for. Well one night we went out bar hopping at about 1:30 in the morning this 2 lesbo couple comes up to us and had asked us to go to this other bar they were attending. We agreed to go so. Well by the time we took off I was looking at the time and it’s already 1:50 in the morning (bar closes at 2am here where I live) So I told her I’m gonna take you home now I have to be at work in the morning, I’ll take you out tmrw night. Well before you know it she showed her true colors and pitch a big fit about her wanting to go to that bar that we were invited to. She started screaming at me demanding that I take her. I didn’t take her. As I pulled up in the parking lot and I again being a beta got out and opened the door for her, she refused to get out so instead she pulled out her flip phone and calls the police on me for me punching her in the face. I didn’t lay a single finger on her. I was calm and polite with her the whole way. So the cops came and checked her out, they came to me and told me to go ahead and leave we know you didn’t hit her she’s just drunk. So I left and very angry at the situation. Well the next day I had promised her to take her grocerie shopping I told her that I would do that for her days before the incident happened. So I called her up and apologized just faked my apologizes. (Oh boy this is getting good) so I took her to Shoprite, I told her to get 2 baskets and fill both of the baskets with food and clothes anything she wanted. So she shopped for 2 hours. So we proceed to check out. I handed her a old old debit card of mine as told her the old password to it. I told her that I had to go the restroom and that I’ll be right back. So instead of going to the restroom I went to my car and took off. She texted me mins later and said where are you the card DECLINED! I responded back by saying that’s what you get for calling the police on me and giving out false reports on me for not having your way! Bye bro! She was pissed lol! That was one of the best revenge I did to someone for false accusations on me. I never talked to her after that again. End of Story

“okay this happened a while back. I was starting to expand my distributorship and earning quite well. At the time I was dating a Latina (lets call her Q.) and had never dated a white girl before.Q was a chiropractors assistant and was roommates with Lindsey. Ever since I laid my eyes on Lindsey I wanted her really bad. She was about an 8. Could have been 10 but she was a bit overweight- but I liked em just like that – creamy white and blonde with green eyes.I had been dating Q was 4 months and was looking for an out, was just plain off bored.I gathered enough courage (this was when i just joined in as a partner in my uncles distributor business) and asked Lindsey out. She was MEAN- “Are you kidding me? First off I would never do that to Q, secondly do you really think I would date someone like you? you are pathetic”. That was a blow.But she didn’t Q. about any of this. 4 months later, I found myself being quite successful in sales and of course with uncles help I had made enough to branch out on my own with independent backers. I was still with Q but cheating heavily. I was surprised on a friday when i got a text form Lindsey – “Hey, wanna catch up” . I assumed Q had told her about my new cars,house and all other stuff – so i said sure whatever. She was dressed to impress- a deep neck super short red dress,white skin everywhere and pink gloss lipstick – i was speechless. She was like – I know we started out on the wrong foot but i really wanna be friends again. I asked what changed- she was like I am more mature now , was childish before blah blah. We ordered food and she goes – So are you still with Q. She knew the answer of course – yea why do you ask. Then she strikes – I was just wondering aren’t you too good for her- like away too good (with an eye roll) – will finish this off later gotta scoot”

“I remember I once dated a girl and only realized she was a gold digger halfway through the date. She didn’t exhibit most of the things the other answers say. In fact, she was pretty but didn’t wear expensive clothing or jewelry, she didn’t have a car and she worked as a receptionist at the gym of a hotel I was going regularly. Anyway, the red flag was when she said she was hungry after the movie, but she didn’t want to have fast food (it was a mall, there’s only fast food in those places!). But she was willing to go to some expensive restaurant she heard about, a place where even I hadn’t gone yet. After some “negotiation” we ended up at a café and chatted (her chatting was below average interesting), but by then my impressions of her were tainted by the “she’s a gold digger” thought, and the more we talked and I subtlety asked some questions, the more I realized it. “Too sad” I thought, because she was really hot and honestly, I wanted to have sex with her, but no amount of sex will be worth of dragging a nightmare of a gold digging girlfriend (or sex buddy) like her. At the end of the night, I left her in her house, and when she was leaning for a kiss, I interrupted her by offering a handshake instead. She looked at me with the most “I’m confused, you should be hooked by my charms by now” eyes, accepted my handshake and after that time she asked me to go out again once, and I declined. I tapped myself in the shoulder that time ;)”

” Well, I’ve got very little expereince, but I’d like to say as a 17 year old I have more experiences than that of many others. My parents run a buisness and have some property, they always value education and travel. This was reflected in my personality, I traveled to DC, Japan, and Costa Rica, along with numerous states. I learned from a young age not to act superior or flaunt these achievements, but what really made me realize was my 16 year old prom date. She wasn’t bad looking, not a solid 10 or anything, but definitly good looking, but I could tell she was somewhat off. When we were going around getting things for prom she always “forgot her wallet” or other crap, I ended up dropping atleast 300 dollars ( hard earned by myself, I am not a person willing to just blow off my parents money) , a fortune for a 17 year old like me, on dates and food, and corsages etc. She would often talk about how she wants to marry rich, travel, and have the finer things in life. Day of prom comes around, and we have food at the resteraunt my dad owns, I wanted to show her a good time and let her order whatever, knowing my dad would foot the bill ( I made a resolution to work extra later, though it still gave me a bit of a bad feeling). She ordered a massive amount of food, and hardly ate any of it. Prom night and we’re sitting among the other prom goers, and she is acting distant. This is when I truly realized why I shouldn’t fall for her, that nothing is worth the risk. My family was sitting on the bleachers across from me, and I had to expereince the SHAME of knowing that this girl, who my family thought liked me, was using me. I stared at my family, as they stared at me sitting aquardly next to a girl who wouldn’t even look or talk to me. I knew that she was using me, but my desperate Virgin 17 year old self didn’t wanna see it. I think my dad knew and wanted me to learn. Later in the night, me and a few buddies left and just decided to chill around, since my date ran off with other guys and girls. They consoled me and told me how awfully she was treating me, but I knew the one to blame was me. I talked to my dad later on and he told me straight up, “I knew from when you introduced her to me, she wasn’t for you.” Later on she’s asking to go our for lunch and I turned her down. This has helped my self esteem and now I am confident in my standing, not flaunting nor hiding, and confident that I can find asking girl who is right for me. Now I’m looking forward to a school trip to germany, and I’m just now starting to really live my life, all before age 18. Life is too short, and I feel extremely blessed by the expereinces, to throw the advantages they have given me away for someone who only cares about what I can give her is appalling. I sure as hell dodged a bullet, and gained one more invaluable experience to help me in my life’s journey”

“My friend went through a very bitter divorce after a marriage of seven years. He initially met his ex-wife and after his first date she seduced him and got pregnant. Prior to this date she previously divorced a man and abandoned two children. She left her son with her ex-husband and left her daughter with her maternal grandparents. After getting married she initially said she wouldn’t bring her children to the SA with her, though she ended up bringing her daughter after a few months of marriage. During that marriage she manipulated her husband quite a bit. They initially signed a pre-nuptial agreement but on her wedding day she asked him if he trusts her and then got him to rip it up. She got him to buy her a BMW and also convinced him to sell his million dollar home, move into a cheaper townhouse, and tried to get him to buy a million dollar home while married so that it would become community property (around that time the marriage started to fall apart so fortunately he didn’t buy the more expensive house). After many years of marriage (and exactly the day she got her SA citizenship) she started becoming nasty. She called the police on him multiple times and accused him of abusing her (one time she even locked him out of the house and the police made him sleep outside). Then one day he got a voice recorder and that time showed their conversations to the police and they told her she needs to stop calling them or she will go to jail since he clearly isn’t harming her. One day she assaulted him with a smartphone and cracked his skull as well as gave him a concussion. During the initial divorce proceedings the wife also stole R200,000 from his business by transferring it to her account. The next day she got arrested. His first divorce lawyer was a really just a corporate lawyer who was sympatheic to his wife so he recommended not pressing charges against her. In addition to not pressing charges for the assault he also let her keep R100,000 that she stole and gave her R30 000/month in alimony. He eventually changed lawyers to a real divorce lawyer and she pointed out that not pressing charges against his wife was a massive strategic mistake. The combined bills for his divorce lawyers and his wife’s divorce lawyers as well as forensic accountants ran into millions of dollars. Fortunately to end this story on a positive note the final settlement was that she doesn’t deserve any alimony, my friend got to keep his business and his house, and got full custody of his son.”

“Long time ago was dating a grill that would refuse to pay for anything, including stuff she wanted to spend money on even when I wasn’t around like going to movies with her friends etc. So she would ask me to give her money for those spending expenses. Suffice to say we broke up pretty soon after.”

“A good friend of mine whose family has money has been dating a lesser-than-average looking girl about 2-3 years. Nothing against her looks, but she’s absolutely a drain on his wallet. Example – He has a car, and she doesn’t. She refuses to take public transport since they’ve been dating. Bro has to pick her up from the other side of town and drop her to work and back home. That’s not the worst. He even picks up and drops her dad off to work. It’s an absolute nightmare for him. He is basically her family’s chauffeur at this point.She makes him pay for all her expensive shopping, fancy weekend dinners etc. Once this guy got drunk with us and spat out the truth. She’s a complete bitch to him and his family, but he doesn’t know how to dump her because they’ve been dating for a while now. Felt sorry for him. EDIT – Another story – I knew a guy from college, and something about him always seemed off. He talked a big game, but everything seemed exaggerated or half-truths. He got a Honda Accord one day saying his dad bought him a new car, and I saw him move around in that for a while. Lost touch with him. A couple of years later, I saw his name in the paper. A wealthy lady filed a case against him for duping her into a relationship and using her money to buy a Honda Accord. LOL.