10 Crazy Masks People Wore During Early Days Of Covid

April 2020's extreme shopping gears

Taking time out to look back at April 2020, when covid was still so new to some of us, we will not forget the extreme lengths we saw shoppers go to in an attempt to protect themselves. People went as far as wrapping their entire bodies in plastic, some even got creative in making masks out of materials such as plastics and newspapers. In one of the pictures that were taken below, we see someone carrying their own oxygen tank as well as wearing protective gear.

In a few months, it will be two years since covid disrupted our normal way of living and many of us did not imagine that at this time we would still be facing the covid threat. However, in a time where most people are uncertain and feeling the wrath of what has become ‘normal’, it is sometimes good to have a good laugh. These pictures of how shopping in April 2020 was can definitely give you a bit of a laugh.

Extreme ?


LOL Party Mask?


Plastic Bottle

Blanket Bag

Paper Bag