Whites Only Town Idea in Northern Cape going ahead

by Alexandra Ramaite

Adriaan Nieuwoudt, the founder of Eureka, says they are going ahead with starting the whites-only town in Namaqualand, Northern Cape. He says this plan will go ahead even though the public is against the idea.

Adrian Nieuwoudt says they are not racist.

A ban denies further building of the organisation.

Eureka is the second Afrikaner territory in the Northern Cape. Orania has been in the province for decades.

Nieuwoudt says that BBEEE and farm murders caused the founding of Eureka. He says that they are not racists, but black people will not be allowed to enter.

Nieuwoudt says that Eureka looks down on interracial relationships.

“Your child must carry your genes. Your child must look like you. I don’t think that’s a crime,” says Nieuwoudt.

Nieuwoudt claims they have more than 5000 representatives. Approximately 20 families live on on the land, but they have a spot for only 20 000 people.

“If we are barred from building it then it’s against the Constitution. This is more serious than people realise,” says Nieuwoudt.

The concept has received opposition from people who live in the area.

The local municipality received a bar to prevent building at the farm.

Nieuwoudt says they have filed a legal challenge to continue building.



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