Twitter Slams ‘Rea Tsotella’ Bishop Nhlapo For Allegedly Scamming Women Who Worked For Him #ReaTsotellaMonday

Twitter Slams ‘Rea Tsotell’ Bishop Nhlapo For Allegedly Scamming Women Who Worked For Him. Yesterday’s (Monday) episode of Rea Tsotella was a bit sad and angering because of the person who was committing the wrong deed.

Yesterday’s (Monday) episode of Rea Tsotella was a bit sad and angering because of the person who was committing the wrong deed. A woman by the name of Dollly Sigida went to the show because she had a problem with a construction company called Garmont Housing, a company owned by Bishop Wami Nhlapo. She says the construction company gave her a deal of finishing 10 RDP houses which are worth approximately R440 000.

The houses were then inspected for quality assurance and one house was deemed as not suitable for living, which the complainant was okay with, leaving only nine approved houses. Gamont Housing let people get in the houses, including the house that was not approved by inspectors. After the people went into their RDP houses, the Dolly and her partner told the company’s management about their payment. The managent told them to draw up an invoice for their labour. He told them that they would get their money on a specific Friday. On the day they called him to tell him that the money hasn’t gone through.

He told them that he’ll send it but it didn’t go through. Then they tried calling him again but the man stopped answering their calls. The witness says the company doesn’t want to take its containers because it owes people at the location who worked for them. The witness works for the company and he notes that they haven’t paid their own employees for a couple of months. The witness says Bishop Wami Nhlapo and Jabu have been declining his calls. The Bishop couldn’t come to the intervention, so Jabu went in.

When he was asked questions, the man didn’t want to answer any questions as he says that the matter is between the complainants and the company. He says he has nothing to do with it as an employee. After a while, Jabu took off his microphone and tried leaving. He was blocked and told to call Bishop WamiNhlapo. The host of the show, Bishop Makamu spoke to the bishop about the matter and he said that they just had a few challenges with the Department of Human Settlements. He then said they should call him on Wednesday, which is two days after a Monday meeting with the Department of human settlement.

Twitter didn’t trust Bishop Nhlapo. One tweep seems to know the bishop that is accused of having scammed the lady and her partner. The tweep says, “Guys which bishop is this? Which church? I thought the one I knew was a bit credible…” One tweep says Jabu, the management, is going to get fired because he gave them direct access to the bishop on a public platform. The tweep says, “Jabu the “PM” is going to get an sms telling him not to bother going back to the office…the Bishop’s been avoiding speaking to the subcontractors for months and Jabu goes and give them direct access…on TV…” One tweep says, “Y’all need to stop scamming people bathing.” One tweep says, “Problem started when you trusted your Pastors more than you trust God.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite

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