Twitter Reacts To ‘Being Bonang’ Season 3 Premiere #BeingBonangS3

Twitter Reacts To ‘Being Bonang’ Season 3 Premiere #BeingBonangS3. Last week the people’s favourite’s show ‘Being Bonang’ premiered for its third season.

Last week the people’s favourite’s show ‘Being Bonang’ premiered for its third season. The people were happy to see their favourite media personality’s life. The first episode was not short of entertaining according to the reactions to the show. Tweeps went on to praise the first episode, with some tweeps saying which parts they loved the most.

One tweep says she renewed her streaming service just to see the rest of the shows because she enjoyed the first episode of season 3. The tweep says, ‘Renewed my @ShowmaxOnline subscription just for #BeingBonangS3 I really enjoyed the first episode.” One tweep says, “It was great as expected…[Thank you] Queen.” One tweep says, “Bonang is always a vibe.” One tweep says, “…@bonang_m I cant say anything but YOU ARE THEE MAIN GIRL, well done…” One tweep says, “Bonang [is a] Mood!!!!Fridays are going to be AWESOME!”

Viewers were also introduced to Boity Thulo’s house in the show. Some of the tweeps loved Boity’s house. One tweep says, “Boity’s house is the one…” One tweep says, “Can we take a moment to appreciate @Boity house…” One tweep notes that some people actually mocked Boity Thulo’s house once upon a time. The tweep says, “Not so long ago they were saying @Boity’s house looks like a campus building, today ya’ll are singing praises, she’s even trending…” One tweep says, “Boity’s house looks beautiful and spacious…”

Some tweeps believed that Boity Thulo replaced Lorna Maseko on the show. One tweep says, “So is Lorna out and Boity in?” One tweep says, “So Boity replace Lorna…” One tweep says, “So Boity is Lorna’s replacement on #BeingBonangS3… I prefer Lorna . Something is off with Boity.” One tweep says, “I guess Lorna_M is replaced by boity?! Where is she vele?”

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by Alexandra Ramaite

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