Tweeps Tell People Their Regrets #BecarefulWhatYouWishFor

Tweeps Tell People Their Regrets #BecarefulWhatYouWishFor. We all have things that we wish could happen to us.

We all have things that we wish could happen to us. The things we wish could be things such as financial freedom, employment, to be an adult or just being in a mere relationship. However, what other people wish for seems to backfire for them.

Tweeps spoke about what they wished for, with some regretting what they asked the good higher being for. The tweeps used the hashtag #BecarefulWhatYouWishFor. One tweep says he wants to return to his good old teenage days. The tweep says, “When I was Teen I wanted to be an Adult. Now I want to be a Teen again.” One tweep says he wanted a light-skinned girlfriend but it was not an easy ride. The tweep says, “Always wanted and wished for a yellow bone girlfriend but the headaches I have encountered.”

One tweep says, “#BecarefulWhatYouWishFor Because Sometimes What You See it’s Not What You Will Get.” One tweep says his careful of what he wishes for after his former partner left him. The tweep says, “I am more careful what I wish for after she left.” One tweep says, “Not everybody you see on TV is Rich.” One tweep warns people about adulthood. The tweep says, “adulthood is a Trap i repeat “It’s a trap”.”

One tweep says employment is what he regrets wishing for. The tweep says, “I am more stressed than when I was unemployed.” Other tweeps motivated others to do good by themselves. One tweep says, “#BecarefulWhatYouWishFor the grass ain’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where u water it.” One tweep says, “#BecarefulWhatYouWishFor Because God always has the best option for you. Not necessarily what you WANT, but what you DESRVE.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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