Tweeps Reminisce About Their Mxit Days #Mxit

Tweeps Reminisce About Their Mxit Days #Mxit. Before these other social media platforms in South Africa there was Mxit.

Before these other social media platforms in South Africa there was Mxit. People used to see and communicate shorthand messages and acronyms, such as “asrl,” “moola” and “DC.” Today (Friday) tweeps thought it would be a good time to reminisce about the good old Mxit days.

Mxit was an old free instant messaging app that was created by a company in the same name, in South Africa. The application was released for public use in 2007. The application used to work on 8000 devices including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones and tablets. The company closed its doors in 2015.

Tweeps remembered the good old Mxit days with the hashtag #Mxit. The tweeps used memes along with their posts. Some tweeps remembered the time when people used to catfish others. One tweep remembered the time when he accepted a blind date with another woman.

The tweep says, “Agreed to a blind date from a Mxit lady…asked her to stand by the statue at Paul Kruger and when I saw her in real life I was hurt by the deceit…so I logged out, I left her there and went home.” Another tweep says he dated a man without being aware. The tweep says, “The catfishing those days, I dated a guy for 3years not aware. ”

One tweep reminisced the way people used to communicate and the names others used to give themselves. One tweep says, “Hy bby I wnt b avlbl 2nyt. Wl tlk 2mrw @ 8. Luv u I cant w8 2 spend da rst of ma lyf witchu” #Mxit those were the days.” One tweep says, “Girls called themselves juicy lips cause of this lip wear…on”

Other tweeps remembered the items that were used during the Mxit days. One tweep remembered the way people used to type on the keyboards. One tweep says, “It still amazes everyone how quick people used to type on this type of keypad.” One tweep did not understand without the sound combination. The tweep says, “How is #Mxit trending when there was no mention of this classic combo…”

These are the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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