Tweeps Remember What Their Mothers Once Told Them #MyMomOnceSaid

Tweeps Remember What Their Mothers Once Told Them #MyMomOnceSaid. Mothers are the world’s greatest gift.

Mothers are the world’s greatest gift. Mothers give us advice that might help us in the future or they give us the motivation that we may need to move forward and not give up in life. The lessons our mothers teach us are crucial. Tweeps went on to remember what their mothers once said to them.

The tweeps used the hashtag #MyMomOnceSaid. Some tweeps remember their mother teaching them to never hit women. The tweep says, “MyMomOnceSaid not even once has your father ever raised his hands on me, am grooming you to respect women and to be even a greater man than him…” Another tweep says, “Neva hit a girl or even fight her. [When] she provokes [you], have [the] strength & courage [to walk away, [because] the day [you] lay [your] hand on her is [the] day [you] lose [your] manhood.”

Some tweeps hilariously say some of the things their mothers supposedly said when they were young. One tweep says, “No matter how the community is angry…they will never burn a tavern…[They’d] rather burn the clinic…” One tweep remembers the famous sarcastic black saying when one breaks a plate. “#MyMomOnceSaid “[Break them all my child! We have money!” It was one side-plate guys.” One tweep remembers the threat that their mother gave them. The tweep says, “#MyMomOnceSaid if you dare lose that Tupperware at school, lose yourself [too]!”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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